Do you need a phone line for magicJack?

Do you need a phone line for magicJack?

The magicJack device uses Voice Over Internet Protocol (“VoIP”) to allow you to make local and long-distance calls to the U.S. and Canada using an existing internet connection. You can make and receive calls using your computer or regular telephone. No additional telephone service is required.

How do I hook up my magicJack?

Plug your telephone into the port on the magicJack labeled “Phone.” Plug the USB stick on your magicJack device into an open USB port on your computer. Alternately, you can connect the magicJack to the USB extension cord provided with your device, then plug the USB extension into your computer.

Can you port a landline number to magicJack?

Generally yes. You can bring your phone number to magicJack. Click here to confirm your number is able to be ported to magicJack. Your telephone number must be active and assigned to you with your current service provider in order to successfully transfer the number to magicJack.

Does magicJack plug into router or modem?

Most versions of magicJack can be connected directly to your modem or router, eliminating the need to have your computer on in order to make or receive calls. If your magicJack is plugged into your computer, the computer must be on to make or receive calls.

How does magicJack work without internet?

magicJack cannot be used without an internet connection. The analog version of magicJack needed both a computer and an internet connection to receive and make calls. Upgrades to magicJack have made it possible for users to use magicJack without computers but will still need internet to communicate via calls.

Is magicJack a landline?

MagicJack is a voice over internet protocol (VoIP) provider that has been around since 2007. Basically, it provides the same services as your home phone, but instead of an actual phone line, it uses your internet connection instead.

How do you install Magic Jack on a computer?

Computer Insert the MagicJack Plus device into an available USB port on your computer. Connect your telephone to the other end of the MagicJack Plus device using a phone cable (RJ11). Your computer will automatically detect MagicJack Plus within four minutes, and display the installation setup wizard.

How magicJack works without computer?

Without a computer you plug the magic jack usb into a power plug adapter and plug in a ethernet cable from either a router or directly from a modem. If you want to use a computer you just plug the usb into the computer and do not have to use the direct ethernet connection.

Why is my Magic Jack not working?

Your device registration has lapsed.

  • Your internet service is temporarily out.
  • Your phone may be incompatible with the magicJack.
  • The TalkFree app by magicJack may be incompatible with your android phone.
  • Device is not set to send or receive calls properly.
  • Bandwidth is too low.
  • Multiple devices with the same number on the same network.
  • How do you set up a magic Jack?

    Plug the magicJack device into an empty USB port on your computer. Plug a phone line into the slot on the magicJack. Plug the other end of the line into your phone. Wait for the computer to recognize the device.