Do you need UE for Aut?

Do you need UE for Aut?

Entry into undergraduate study The most common way to enter degree study at AUT is to gain University Entrance (UE) at secondary school. UE is the legal minimum requirement for admission into bachelor’s degrees throughout New Zealand.

Does AUT need a rank score?

When applying for scholarships from secondary school, AUT uses a rank score generated from Year 12 results. The popular health science degrees give preference to the highest level of academic achievement (highest performing students). There is no set rank score that guarantees entry to these degrees.

How many points do you need to graduate Aut?

60 points
You’ll need to complete 60 points for the entire minor. In each year, you study and complete core compulsory courses alongside studio and specialist courses in the minor that you have selected.

How many numeracy credits do you need for UE?

Numeracy – 10 credits at Level 1 or above, made up of: achievement standards – specified achievement standards available through a range of subjects, or. unit standards – package of three numeracy unit standards (26623, 26626, 26627- all three required).

What happens if I don’t get UE?

The University is offering school leavers who missed out on UE the chance to apply for Provisional Admission (PA) starting in Trimester 1 2021, so long as they meet certain criteria. They will be provided with wraparound support to raise their capability to University standards and help them succeed in their studies.

Can you go to university with NCEA level 2?

Level 5 and 6 certificate and diploma entry requirements vary from NCEA Level 2 to University Entrance. Degrees usually require University Entrance or an approved Level 4, 5 or 6 qualification.

How is AUT GPA calculated?

For each paper included in the total of 240 points (or greater) multiply the points value by the numeric (grade) value, and then divide this sum by the total sum of points. Make sure you report your GPA to the nearest three decimal places (for example 7.500).

What happens if I don’t get university entrance?

Unfortunately you will not get entry to the University of Auckland. Alternatively, if you do not meet the requirements for University Entrance you could also look at an acceptable foundation programme and then re-apply again on completion of this. For more information, please see: Acceptable foundation programmes.

How do you graduate from Aut?

AUT normally holds two graduation ceremonies each year, in winter and summer….You can choose to:

  1. Attend a graduation ceremony and receive your parchment on stage.
  2. Attend a graduation ceremony but receive your parchment by courier beforehand (normally soon after granting)

Can I add a major to my degree after graduation?

No, you cannot change your major after graduate because you complete it. What you can do is to either do a second bachelor’s degree where you fulfill a residency requirement and take the major courses or enroll in a bridge master’s where you complete the bachelor’s and master’s courses.

Do I need to have a good level of English for Aut?

If English, Māori or NZ Sign Language is not your first language, you need to prove you have the minimum level of English for your AUT qualification. We need to assess your level of English to ensure you can succeed in your programme.

What can you do with a Bachelor of Arts at AUT?

With the AUT Bachelor of Arts you can choose from majors in areas as diverse as languages, international studies, criminology, psychology, event management and education. Build a degree that fits your passions and interests with the Bachelor of Arts.

What are the admission requirements for a bachelor’s degree?

University Entrance is the minimum requirement for admission to bachelor’s degrees at AUT. For some bachelor’s degrees you also need other specified admission requirements, including specific school subjects portfolios and interviews. Refer to the programme page for your chosen programme for details.

Where can I find the entry requirements for Aut?

Your chosen AUT programme may have higher entry requirements than the ones on the pages above. You can find entry requirements for each AUT programme on the relevant programme page. For a comprehensive overview of AUT qualifications, including entry requirements, refer to the Academic Calendar. Any questions about AUT’s entry requirements?