Common questions

Does Club Pogo still exist?

Does Club Pogo still exist?

Pogo has been serving up casual games to a thriving community for over 20 years. Club Pogo has been delivering premium perks for almost as long, including ad-free gameplay, members-only games and an ever-expanding library of challenges with collectible Badge rewards.

What happened to Club Pogo?

Java and Flash are two technologies that have powered Pogo games for many years, but they’re no longer supported by most web browsers. Because of this, we retired Java- and Flash-based games from Pogo in March 2020 and December 2020.

How do I get a Pogo subscription?

Follow these steps to buy a Club Pogo subscription using a credit card.

  1. Sign in to your Pogo account.
  2. Click Join Club in the banner, then click the Join Club Pogo button.
  3. Choose a plan that works for you:
  4. On the Checkout page, choose the Credit/Debit option and enter your card details.
  5. Click Next: Review Order.

Does Pogo still have an app?

The app offers full-featured versions of several Pogo games, including Poppit!, Word Whomp, Turbo 21, Mahjong Safari, and Sweet Tooth 2. The Kindle and Android versions have fewer games than the iOS version.

Can I play Pogo on my phone?

This means you can play any of Pogo’s Flash games (marked with an F icon here) from your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android phone, or Android tablet. That said, it also will support anything your desktop will support, like Java games.

Is there a Club Pogo app?

The app is free to download but shows ads in between games unless 1) the player pays to upgrade the app 2) the player is an existing member of Club Pogo, which is’s premium subscription level, or 3) the player purchases a new Club Pogo membership.

Can Filipinos play in Pogo?

According to Philippine law, only foreigners (non-Philippine nationals) based in another country and over the age of 21 are permitted to use the services of POGOs. That means foreign nationals living in the Philippines are not permitted to use POGOs, and nor are Philippine nationals living abroad.

Is Pogo a gambling?

Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators or POGOs are online gambling firms that operate in the Philippines but cater to customers outside the country. To operate legally they must be licensed by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR).

Is there an app for Club Pogo?

The app is a mobile tie-in to, EA’s web-based casual games portal. The app frequently prompts players to sign up for a paid Club Pogo membership, or to pay to upgrade the app to get rid of the ads.

How can I get Club Pogo or gems for free?

With some work, you can get your Club Pogo membership or Gems for free. All of the sites listed below pay out in cash deposits to your PayPal account, which can be used to pay for a Club Pogo membership (with Gem rewards if you auto-renew!) or pay for your Gem packages at Pogo.

What are the benefits of Club Pogo?

Receive a free month of Club Pogo plus bonus Pogo Gems every time you auto-renew for another year. Access Pogo’s library of games. Free and Club Pogo members get even more games and options. Don’t start from scratch every time you play. Meet and connect with fellow players over chat and on the forums.

How do I get Pogo tokens for free?

It’s free, just click the “Sign Up” button at Besides just playing Pogo games, the best way to earn more tokens at is to regularly click through the list of all currently-active free Pogo tokens. Once in a while, BadgeHungry may hold giveaways for EA Cash Cards.

How do I purchase a pogo subscription with PayPal?

Click Join Club in the banner, then click the Join Club Pogo button. On the Checkout page, choose the PayPal option. Click Add PayPal Account. Tick the box to say you’ve read and agreed to the terms of sale, then click PayPal Check Out. You’ll be taken to the PayPal site to finish buying your subscription.