Common questions

How do holster sizes work?

How do holster sizes work?

Holster sizing is based off of trigger guard and frame size, rather than specific features of one given make/model. Each holster is sewn tightly so that after you break it in, it will fit the gun used correctly and still retain retention.

Do holsters fit all guns?

The short answer is no. The holster sizes are designed around specific firearms ensuring a proper fit and smooth draw.

Are pistol holsters Universal?

Like most things, including holsters, there is no universal rule. As soon as you say something is specific, someone will create something to prove you wrong. The five holsters listed above most certainly confirm that universal holsters don’t have to suck.

How tight should a holster be?

A proper holster will fit your gun snugly, but not overly tight. Your handgun should slide smoothly from the holster. No part of the slide or frame should catch or rub on the holster which can hinder your draw. Additionally, you’ll want the firearm to remain stationary in your holster during regular movements.

What side does gun holster go on?

These holsters can be worn on either side depending on if you’re right-handed or left-handed, so if you’re right-handed, then you’d choose to carry it toward your left side with the grip pointing toward yourself instead. If you’re left-handed, the firearm will go on the opposite side with its grip facing away from you.

What is a universal holster?

As A Grab-And-Go Concealed Carry Holster Obviously, a universal holster can be used as a concealed carry holster, but how some people prefer to use them is for occasional use when you want to take your CCW pistol but don’t want to go through the rigamarole of putting on a typical holster.

Are Glock holsters Universal?

The QVO “Universal” Holster is our new modular holster for a variety of carry methods.

How tight should my Kydex holster be?

I use all Kydex most of the time: snug enough to hold the gun if turned upside down but loose enough for this old lady to draw quickly. I also have some really old soft suede holsters which don’t get used much anymore but did for several years and they aren’t worn out either, but have retention straps.

Can I paint my Kydex holster?

Normal VOC level paints have proven successful to paint KYDEX® sheet. If a low VOC paint must be used, surface preparation prior to painting may increase adhesion.

Why did the US cavalry wear their pistol holsters backwards?

Later use. Later, it was found that the reversed holster can be more comfortable, especially when worn while sitting down, than the normal type holster. In addition, cavalry draw can be performed while sitting, as well as retaining the original off-hand cross draw capability.

Did Cowboys only drink whiskey?

This stuff was raw and made right in the camp or town. The simple ingredients included raw alcohol, sugar burnt, and a little pouch chewing tobacco. Beer was not as common as whiskey, yet some drank it. Since pasteurization was not invented yet, a cowboy had to take his beer warm and drink it quickly.

How should a handgun fit in a holster?

The most critical thing to consider is how your gun fits into the holster as you certainly do not want the gun to fall out while moving around. The gun has to fit snugly in the holster but not so tight as to make it difficult to draw out. Fit is key here as you will be hanging a handgun that weighs from 12 ounces to 2 pounds of your hip.

How do I find a holster for my pistol or revolver?

Narrow down your search for a holster by telling us the make, model and the barrel length of your pistol or revolver. You can type or click into each field or select from a drop down. This will help us find the holster right for you and your gun.

How do I choose a holster for my Glock 19?

Visit any gun shop and you will be confronted with multiple choices in sizes, colors and configurations. Specific models of guns will have a holster made just for that gun. There will certainly be a model 19 holster for a glock model 19 handgun. And that is just the start of the different options you will need to take into account.

Will Safariland™ holster fit a Colt Python with a 6” barrel?

Read down the left side of the table until you find the Colt Python with a barrel length of 6″. Read across the table. Each box containing a number indicates that there is a model of SAFARILAND™ holster that will fit a Colt Python with a 6″ barrel.