Common questions

How do I book a home move with Sky?

How do I book a home move with Sky?

Remember, you don’t have to be the Sky account holder to book a Home Move. Provided you know the account password and are moving with the account holder, you can get in touch. Use the ‘Ready to get in touch?’ options below to get started. You’ll need to have cleared any outstanding balance on your account.

What happens to my Sky bill if I move house?

If you’re not able to use your services due to a home move you’ll need to call Sky so they can apply loss of service to your account and that way you won’t get charged. Same with the broadband query, any new broadband orders need to be done over the phone due to potential delays.

Who do I contact for help with my Sky TV?

Contact Customer Services on 03442 411 653 for general queries with your service. We offer help with as no satellite signal, remote control problems, On-Demand issues, or recordings and Planner problems.

How do I get Started with Sky Go?

Visit our Installing and setting up the Sky Go app page to get started. If you have Sky Mobile too, you can stream this service when you’re not connected to WiFi, without using any of your mobile data. When you move home, there’ll be some changes to your first bills after you’re all settled at your new address.

You are correct in thinking that in order to book a Home Move, you do need to call in and speak to an adviser to do this. As you have pointed out, at present due to the Covid-19 situation, Sky are only taking calls from our vulnerable customers and Key Workers.

How do I get help with Sky?

Over 90% of our customers who use our online guides get the help they need before even having to get in touch. Just pick which Sky service you need help with and follow our help guides. If you’re interested in purchasing Sky and would like to speak to someone in our sales team, please visit our Shop.

What happens to old sky boxes when upgrading to Sky Q?

If you have older Sky + boxes then you can keep these if you upgrade to Sky Q or hand them back to Sky if you dont want them. You will need to call Sky’s home move department who can check the property and book you a home move appointment. Sky are taking calls but they are prioritising vunerable customers and key workers.