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How do I change the content database for a site collection in SharePoint 2013?

How do I change the content database for a site collection in SharePoint 2013?

To add a content database to a web application by using windows PowerShell

  1. Start SharePoint 2013 Management Shell -Type in the following command New-SPContentDatabase -Name -WebApplication WebApplicationName.
  2. Replace with the name of the content database to create.

Can a site collection have multiple content databases?

No, a Site Collection can only reside in a single Content Database. You can have multiple Content Databases per Web Application, but a single Site Collection cannot span them.

How do I add a content database in SharePoint 2013?

To attach a content database by using Central Administration On the SharePoint Central Administration website, click Application Management. On the Application Management page, in the Databases section, click Manage content databases. On the Manage Content Databases page, click Add a content database.

How do I create a site collection in a specific content database using PowerShell?

PowerShell: Create a SharePoint Site Collection in an Independent Content Database

  1. Introduction.
  2. Script in Details. Variables Definition. Get the SharePoint SQL Server Instance. Create a Content Database. Lock down the newly created Content Database. Create a Site Collection. Output.
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How do I create a collection in a new content database?

Click Add a Content Database. Provide a good name for the database so you can easily identify the related DB and Site coll. Create new Site Collection from Central Admin –> Application Management –> Create new Site Collection. The new Site Collection will automatically be created in the new Content Database.

How many sites can you have in a site collection?

250,000 sites
The maximum recommended number of sites and subsites in a site collection is 250,000 sites.

How many site collection can be created in SharePoint?

Indicates the number of site collections in the SharePoint environment. The maximum recommended number of site collections per farm is: Personal Sites – 500,000, Other site templates – 250,000. The Sites can all reside on one web application, or can be distributed across multiple web applications.

What is content database in SharePoint?

A content database in sharepoint is not the database server itself but container for all the content for a single web application. You can have only one content database for one web application however, you can separate content for multiple websites into multiple content databases for a site collection.

How do you create a Site collection in a specific content database?

Go to Application Management and create the payroll site collection. The site collection will automatically be created within the only active Content DB which is the Payroll DB. Now we have to click on each of the stopped content DBs and revert back the status to ready so that the DBs will be up and running.

How would you a migrate a site collection in SharePoint 2013?

Migration Steps Summary: Verify content databases by running: Test-SPContentDatabase from the Target SharePoint 2013 farm. Attach Content Databases to SharePoint 2013 web application by running: Mount-SPContentDatabase. Upgrade Site Collections to move them into SharePoint 2013.

How do I move a SharePoint database to another drive?

Moving SharePoint content database files to a new location can be performed by these steps:

  1. Step 1: Stop All SharePoint Services.
  2. Step 2: Detach the database from SQL Server:
  3. Step 3: Move database files to new location.
  4. Step 4: Attach the databases from new location.
  5. Step 5: Start all SharePoint Services.

Is it possible to create a dedicated content database for SharePoint?

Having a dedicated content database for each site collection is recommended for larger SharePoint site collections. As the Central Administration doesn’t provide any direct interface, let’s use PowerShell cmdlet to create a site collection in a new content database for SharePoint 2010 / SharePoint 2013:

What is the relationship between SharePoint Server sites and content databases?

The following guidelines show the relationship between SharePoint Server sites and site collections, and content databases: All content in a site collection must be stored in a single content database. You can’t store a site collection’s content across multiple content databases.

How many site collections are there in a SharePoint web application?

When a new SharePoint Web Application is created, a Content Database is provisioned to hold all of the data of its site collections. I make sure I’m in the correct SharePoint Web Application and take note of the number of Site Collections it currently contains. At this point there are 7. [Click on image for larger view.]

How to create a new site collection in an existing content database?

#Get the Content Database of the site collection and set Maximum & Warning levels for the Sites. If you want to create a new site collection in an existing content database, use this PowerShell script: Say, we have an existing content database: SP2013_Content_Sales and want to create our new site collection in it.