Common questions

How do I connect to Beoplay A8?

How do I connect to Beoplay A8?

Follow the instructions below to set up you Beoplay A8 using the Bang & Olufsen app.

  1. Add your Beoplay A8 to the app. Press the network button and wait for the network indicator to turn green.
  2. Connect your phone to the Beoplay A8 hotspot.
  3. Connect your Beoplay A8 to your home network.

How do I update Beoplay A8?

How do I update my Beoplay A8 via my MAC/PC?

  1. Connect Beoplay A8 to your router with an Ethernet cable.
  2. Make sure that your computer and Beoplay A8 are connected to the same network.
  3. The network button.
  4. Find Beoplay A8 on your Mac/PC:

Is Beoplay A8 wireless?

BeoPlay A8 sound system from BO PLAY extends the functionality of the best-selling BeoSound 8 by adding Apple AirPlay to connect your iPhone or iPad to a flexible world of premium sound – instantly and wirelessly. BeoPlay A8 has the portability to turn any kitchen or summer cottage into a party zone.

How do I reset my Beoplay A8?

How do I reset my Beoplay A8?

  1. Switch on your Beoplay A8.
  2. Press the network button (3) shortly and wait until it becomes solid white, orange or flashes orange.
  3. Remove the back cover on your Beoplay A8.
  4. Press and hold the three buttons within 3 seconds, in the order indicated on the illustration above.

What is the Bang & Olufsen app?

The Bang & Olufsen app guides you step-by-step through the setup of your product, and helps you personalize your product and music expereince. Easy access to product specific sound settings of your Bang & Olufsen product, giving you beautiful sound no matter what you are listing to.

How does the BeoPlay A8 work?

The portable sound system connects your Apple (via AirPlay) or Android (via DLNA Android App) devices wirelessly and instantly. Use the removable Lightning or 30-pin connector to dock and charge your iOS device. BeoPlay A8 has the portability to turn any kitchen or summer cottage into a party zone.

Is the B&O BeoPlay A8 free Apple dock adapter any good?

As it’s free, BeoPlay A8 owners who haven’t even decided to upgrade their phone or iPod yet will benefit too, ensuring their expensive dock will be ready should they do so in the future. Although it’s not stated, the wording of B&O’s offer indicates it’ll be a genuine Apple dock adapter that’s supplied, and not one of B&O’s construction.