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How do you assemble a CV joint?

How do you assemble a CV joint?

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Are CV joints supposed to have play?

The CV joint is a flexible joint so some play in the shaft is OK, but there should be no play of the joint other than its intended movement. A most common symptom of a badly-worn outer CV joint is a clicking or popping noise when turning. Usually the noise gets louder when accelerating in turns.

How do you know when your CV joints are going bad?

1. Loud clicking noises when turning. One of the most common and most noticeable symptoms of a bad or failing CV axle shaft assembly is an audible clicking noise when turning. When CV axles become excessively worn, the joints will become loose and click when turning.

Is it dangerous to drive with a broken CV joint?

A severely worn out CV joint can even disintegrate while you’re driving and make the car undrivable. You may lose control of the vehicle entirely. It is not safe to drive with a damaged CV joint. Look for some symptoms of a failing CV joint to have it repaired before it becomes unsafe to operate the vehicle.