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How do you get 100 on Club Penguin DS?

How do you get 100 on Club Penguin DS?

Getting 100% completion If you complete all the missions but you only have like 85% done on your home screen, it’s because you have to get the “king of the mountain gold medal”, “rail kahuna gold”, golden mullet and golden chest medal”, ” rocket ace gold “, “night club fever gold”, and snow trekker lightning ” medals.

How do you get into the gadget room on Club Penguin DS?

The Gadget Room door was the door featured on the CPIP home page. It required you to click on the Eye Scan 3000 to enter; similar to how you access it in EPF Training Missions.

Where is Gary the gadget guy on Club Penguin?

Gary the Gadget Guy, also known as Gary or G, is Club Penguin’s local inventor and the former owner of the Sports Shop. He almost always appears in a white lab coat and his special curved spectacles.

What is the secret task in Mission 6?

Questions for a Crab is the 6th PSA secret mission. In this mission, Gary plans to interrogate Klutzy.

How do you get the spring on Club Penguin Mission 7?

Go back to the Snow Forts – fill the bucket up with snow and put it in your inventory. Go to the Iceberg and use the magnet to retrieve the spring which is in an ice cube. Then, go to the Town – talk to Rookie and he will give you a picture of the gear – put it in your inventory.

Where is the lost wrench Club Penguin?

the Ski Village
The player can move the cushions of a couch in the room, eventually revealing a wrench. This can be taken back to the worker at the Ski Village, and given to him.

What happens at the end of the Penguin mission?

At the end of the mission, the penguin gets a medal with an inner tube on it and a letter which later self-destructs. You can also obtain an award if you use a belt to fix the Ski Lift in the Ski Village.

How do you save the Penguins in Club Penguin?

Gary opens the door to the gadget room, and the player gets a life preserver shooter. The player then collects various items around Club Penguin to save 4 penguins trapped on a cliff. At the end of the mission, the penguin gets a medal with an inner tube on it and a letter which later self-destructs.

How do you repair the clock in Club Penguin?

In the mission, you must repair the broken clock in the Snow Forts by finding parts of the clock scattered across Club Penguin. The target is found at the dock being used by two Penguins from Team Blue. To get it back you must throw three snowballs at it which gets more difficult after each hit.

What does Gary get from the white fur in Club Penguin?

Gary analyses the white fur, and does not get a result, except for Hot Sauce, Hot Chocolate and Jet Pack Fuel. The player then collects these three items around Club Penguin. At the end, players find that the White Fur belongs to a Polar Bear (who has a crab with him).