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How do you get certified in Planetside 2?

How do you get certified in Planetside 2?

The primary method through which Certification Points are acquired is gaining experience points (XP). XP is rewarded for performing nearly every action within PlanetSide. To earn a Certification Point through this method, you simply must earn 250 XP.

How can I earn certificates?

Earning Certs as a New Player The most efficient way to earn Certs as a new player is to support your allies as a Medic. When participating in bigger fights, you’ll find a lot of players needing revives (75 EXP each) and healing (10 EXP per tick). You also get more EXP when supporting squad members!

How do you get daybreak cash in Planetside 2?

There are two ways to buy Daybreak Cash; via the SHOP page on www.planetside2.com and the in-game marketplace – select “Add Funds” and follow the on-screen instructions. How do I make item purchases once my account has been funded?

How much XP is a certificate?

3 Answers. You gain 1 Certification Point every 250 XP.

Can you buy Certs in Planetside 2?

you can buy station cash and use that to unlock infantry or vehicle weapons, you cant buy certs directly. you can also buy memberships with cash that give you more certs per XP. or use station cash to purchase impants that give XP boosts.

How do I claim 500 daybreak cash?

How do I claim the 500 Daybreak Cash benefit each month? You will need to log into any eligible Daybreak Game to claim your monthly cash. Use the claim button located in the associated game Marketplace/Depot to claim the Daybreak Cash.

Can you gift daybreak coins?

Is Daybreak Cash transferable? Daybreak Cash is non-transferable and currently non-giftable; however, DGC is working on features to allow players to gift Daybreak Cash to other players and friends in the future.

How do you gain certificates?

The quickest way I have found to get certs, is to get stuck into a decent bit of line combat as a medic or an Engi. If you are an engi, keep healing maxes. If you are a medic, just revive and heal. Other things that grant a lot of certs: Getting a spawn beacon in a big fight.

Can you buy Certs in PlanetSide 2?