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How do you get Devil Jin in Tekken 5?

How do you get Devil Jin in Tekken 5?

To unlock Devil Jin you either must finish the ‘Devil Within’ quest, or play either Arcade mode, VS mode, or the Story mode a lot of times (about 200 times)! But you have to unlock ALL of the other characters!

How do you use extra costumes in Tekken 5?

you change costumes by highlighting the person and then press triangle. The costume changes depending on which button you use to select the character.

How do you unlock all characters in Tekken 5 ps2?

How to Unlock All Characters in Tekken 5. Unlock all secret characters by beating each mode multiple times. Beat Story mode two times. Beat Story mode three times.

How do you unlock Devil Kazuya in Tekken 5?

To unlock Devil, the player must beat the Galaga game while the main game is loading and get a perfect score on all 8 stages. Counts as a third costume of Kazuya (his name is still shown under his health bar instead of Devil’s).

What happened to jinpachi?

At the end of the tournament, Jinpachi was defeated and ultimately killed by his great-grandson, Jin Kazama. With the evil force that had awakened him vanquished, a grateful Jinpachi passed away peacefully.

How do you unlock Heihachi in Tekken 5?


  1. Anna Williams: Beat Story Mode two times.
  2. Baek: Beat Story Mode three times.
  3. Bruce Irvin: Beat Story Mode 4 times.
  4. Devil Jin: Complete Devil Within mini-game, or fight 200 matches.
  5. Ganryu: Beat Story, Battle or Time Attack mode 6 times.
  6. Heihachi: Beat Story, Battle or Time Attack mode 8 times.

How did Jin became Devil Jin?

During the climax of the third King Of Iron Fist Tournament, Jin was shot in the head by his grandfather, Heihachi Mishima. Healed by the Devil Gene within him, Jin resurrected as Devil Jin and made quick work of Heihachi and the Tekken Force guards that accompanied him.

Is Eddy Gordo in Tekken 5?

If you want to unlock and play as Eddy Gordo in Tekken 5 you must go to “Customize Character”. One you’re on the character select screen you need to pick Christie. When you’re in Christie’s customization screen make sure you have enough money to buy the “alternate Outfit” which is Eddy.