How do you pronounce feluccas?

How do you pronounce feluccas?

Phonetic spelling of felucca

  1. fe-lucca.
  2. fuh-luhk-uh. Raegan Fay.
  3. feluc-ca. Rex Bernhard.

What is the meaning of feluccas?

Definition of felucca : a narrow fast lateen-rigged sailing vessel chiefly of the Mediterranean area.

What does Luxor mean in English?

The name Luxor is almost a literal translation of another Greek and Coptic toponym (τὰ Τρία Κάστρα ta tria kastra and ⲡϣⲟⲙⲧ ⲛ̀ⲕⲁⲥⲧⲣⲟⲛ pshomt enkastron respectively, both mean “three castles”) and comes from the Arabic al-ʾuqṣur (الأقصر), lit.

What is Nonuple?

Definition of nonuple 1 : consisting of nine : being nine times as great or as many : ninefold.

How do you pronounce gondola lift?

A “gone-DOE-la” is that overpriced ski lift that carries tourists up to Heavenly. I pride myself on never being wrong, so this is a real blow for me.

Where is felucca located?

A felucca (Arabic: فلوكة‎, romanized: falawaka, possibly originally from Greek ἐφόλκιον, epholkion) is a traditional wooden sailing boat used in the eastern Mediterranean—including around Malta and Tunisia—in Egypt and Sudan (particularly along the Nile and in protected waters of the Red Sea), and also in Iraq.

What kind of boat is a sloop?

sloop, single-masted sailing vessel with fore-and-aft rigging, including mainsail, jib, and sometimes one or more headsails. A sloop of war was a small sloop-rigged warship, mounting about 20 guns. In modern usage, the sloop is practically synonymous with the cutter.

Does the word luxury come from luxor?

Luxor comes from the Arabic “Al Uqsor” or “The Palaces” because when the Arabs arrived in Egypt, they believed that all of its ancient temples were palaces. Etymology of the word proves that the word “luxor” was the inspiration for the modern word, luxury.

What is the word for 13 times?

Decuple Definition & Meaning |

What is the word for nine times?

Ninefold. Noncuple to: nine times as great as. B.

What is a Nile Felucca cruise?

There are few things in life as relaxing as taking a felucca boat on the Nile River in Egypt for an overnight trip. A Nile Felucca cruise is a traditional way to take an enticing journey through the ancient land of the Egyptian Pharaohs.

What is an example of a felucca in Egypt?

Recent Examples on the Web Cairo residents might have coffee at a floating restaurant or board a felucca for an hourlong cruise; Nile water flows from their taps and grows their food. — New York Times, 2 Jan. 2021 The felucca set sail without him but with his paintings still on board.

How do felucca boats work?

Feluccas are solely wind-powered, acting like a sailboat, and have no engines or power aboard. They cruse the river with large sails, zig-zagging back and forth with the currents and wind patterns. If there’s no wind your trip will take longer if there’s wind you will get there faster. It will be slow but that’s life on a Felucca.