How do you put sea glass in a bezel?

How do you put sea glass in a bezel?

Place the sea glass in the setting exactly in the centre allowing you to push over the excess bezel on the front and the back. Using your pusher or bezel rocker, gently push the bezel over the stone in a downward motion. Hold the back of the sea glass with your finger as you start to push the bezel over from the front.

How do you smooth the edges of sea glass?

Dip your sea glass into some water and run the glass back and forth across the diamond sharpener until you can feel the smooth edge with your finger tip.

What is a bezel strip?

What is Bezel Wire? Bezel wire wraps around your cabochon to hold it securely in place. Fine silver, or . 999, wire is ideal because there is no fire scale to clean up after you solder the join together. Plus, the wire is soft and it’s easy to manipulate the wire around the stone.

Can you drill a hole in sea glass?

For thick pieces of sea glass: You can drill 3/4 of the way through, flip it over and drill from the other side for a more even hole. Be patient: If you break a piece of sea glass or a drill bit, don’t panic – assess your technique and try again.

What is bezel setting in sea glass jewelry?

If you have tried your hand at making sea glass jewelry, you have probably aspired to learn how to bezel set your prized pieces. Bezel setting is creating a custom setting for the glass to be encased in using metalsmithing techniques. Many things about bezel setting can make it seem intimidating.

What is sea glass jewelry?

Glad you like it Carey! Sea Glass Jewelry from By The Sea uses only natural genuine sea glass to make Distinctive Quality Jewelry for the true beach lover. 30 years of specializing in some of the rarest sea glass pieces collected from beaches around the world! Sea Glass Jewelry starts its journey as broken glass discarded into the sea.

What is wirewire wrapping for sea glass?

Wire wrapping is an age old technique and lends itself well to sea glass because pieces are seldom flat. Our most popular setting, the Original Wire Bezel Setting© and Deluxe Wire Bezel encloses the sea glass without altering the sea glass piece itself.

How do you fix a glass bezel that is too tight?

Even bezel settings that are extremely tight are no match for liquids. You can seal your setting with a two part epoxy or clear silicone to prevent dirt from getting under the glass and creating a dark spot. Add enough epoxy so that when the glass is put in, the epoxy oozes out the sides.