How does a push pull tub stopper work?

How does a push pull tub stopper work?

A push-and-pull stopper is very similar to a lift-and-turn stopper in design and look, but it is pushed down to close and pulled up to open rather than twisting to open and close. Installation is also similar, with the stopper body attached to the drain with a setscrew found under the cap of the stopper.

How do you use a push-pull drain stopper?

Push-Pull: The stopper has a knob in the center and you must push it down to close and pull it up to open. Lift and Turn: This looks very similar to the Push-Pull style, but you will need to lift and turn the stopper (in opposite directions) to open and close.

How to install tub stopper?

Get the Right Tool and Fitting. If you don’t already own one,spend a few dollars on a tub drain wrench,also called a dumbbell tool.

  • Remove the Old Bathtub Drain Fitting. Use the tub drain wrench to remove the existing drain fitting from the tub shoe.
  • Clean the Tub Drain Opening. Pull the fitting from the tub,and clean off the ring of plumber’s putty that surrounds the opening of the tub drain.
  • Determine the Drain Thread Size. Use the old fitting to determine the size of your drain.
  • Install the New Tub Drain Fitting. Remove the tub stopper from the new drain fitting.
  • How do you replace a tub drain?

    Insert the removal tool into the drain body, also known as the flange. When you are using the dumbbell type of removal tool, seat it properly in the drain by ensuring the notches on the end of the dumbbell fit between the crossbars in the drain. Choose the end that fits into the drain crossbars the tightest.

    How to replace a bathtub drain?

    Choose Your Tools. Items needed to remove and replace a modern screw in bath tub drain (not all drains are like this).

  • Remove the Old Drain. Insert the Drain Key into the drain.
  • Clean the Seating Area and Apply Fresh Plumbers Putty.
  • Insert the New Drain.
  • Remove Excess Putty and Install the Drain Plug.
  • Test Out Your Finished Repair.