How does GigSalad work?

How does GigSalad work?

GigSalad recognizes members who actively book gigs through the site, respond quickly to clients, and receive positive reviews. Members meeting these qualifications are identified with a Top Performer banner displayed on their profile, which increases their exposure and helps them stand out among the competition.

How to get on GigSalad?

To get started, click Sign Up at the top of the page and choose the Start Getting Gigs option. You’ll be asked to choose a method for signing up. You can set up your account through Facebook, which will then link your GigSalad account to your Facebook account. This will make it easier to log in in the future.

How does GigSalad make money?

GigSalad applies a small fee to every booking made through our site. We collect this fee in order to cover costs associated with taking credit card payments, distributing deposits and balances, and general maintenance to the site so it remains safe and easy to use for both you and the client.

Is Gig Salad free?

As a free member, because you are not paying a membership fee, you are required to pay a service fee for each gig you book from a lead received on GigSalad. You can do this by using our booking platform or by marking gigs as booked and just paying the service fees.

Is the Bash website legit?

The Bash has a consumer rating of 2.88 stars from 8 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. The Bash ranks 103rd among Music Other sites.

Where is GigSalad located?

Springfield, MO. The Midwest office is GigSalad’s official headquarters. From members needing technical support to event planners looking to book talent, our Midwest team is the center of our universe. They interact with customers personally–GigSalad is made up of real people, not automatons.

How do I delete my GigSalad account?

To disable your account: Log in to your control panel and go to Account. 2. Under your Account Snapshot, click where it says “Want to disable your account? You can do that here.”

Which is better GigSalad or Gigmasters?

A very similar platform to Gigmasters, but tends to be a little more streamlined and simple to use. There is generally less bidding on Gigsalad and you can navigate to the artist you want without getting a swarm of quotes from may artists who won’t be the right fit for your event.

What is the Bash website?

The Bash (formerly GigMasters) is an event services booking platform. Its headquarters are in South Norwalk, Connecticut, U.S. The Bash matches entertainers with planners of weddings, dances, parties, festivals, celebrations, and corporate events.

How do I cancel my GigMasters membership?

If you do not wish to renew your membership with The Bash, all you have to do is give our friendly Account Services Team a call at (866) 342-9794 within your renewal period (30 days before your renewal date) and they can assist you with cancelling your membership.

How do I find music gigs online?

  1. GigSalad. I came across GigSalad by doing a search for live entertainment in my local town.
  2. Indie On the Move. Indie on the Move is one of the most tried and true websites for booking gigs.
  3. ShowSlinger.
  4. Festival Net.
  5. Do DIY.
  6. Doodeo.
  7. ACE Music Booking Agency.
  8. ReverbNation.

How do I cancel my Gigmasters account?

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