How long is Holme Pierrepont?

How long is Holme Pierrepont?

approximately 700 metres
Built in 1986, the course is made primarily from concrete. It is approximately 700 metres long, drops just over 4 metres in height to produce Grade 3 whitewater rapids. The course is gravity fed, does not use electricity to power it, and therefore is relatively cheap to run.

When was Holme Pierrepont built?

Holme Pierrepont Hall The hall was built by Sir William Pierrepont around 1500, and inhabited by subsequent generations of the Pierrepont family.

How far is it around Holme Pierrepont rowing lake?

The Holme Pierrepont Rowing Lake is 1500 metres (0.93 miles) in length – to walk around the entire ​lake would take around 45 minutes.

Who owns Pierrepont Hall?

the Brackenbury family
Holme Pierrepont Hall is the family home of the Brackenbury family, who are direct descendents of the Pierrepont Family who have lived on this site since 1280. The Tudor manor house on the estate today dates back to 1500, with later additions and alterations having been made to the hall since then.

What is the Holme Pierrepont Canoe Club?

The Holme Pierrepont Canoe Club gives lessons on the flat water lake and the course, which is also used for water safety and water rescue training. It also hosts rafting, playboating, slalom; kayaking plus squirt boaters, open boat canoeists and wild water racing. One of the main sports held at the centre is rowing,…

How many miles is the Holme Pierrepont triathlon?

The full triathlon sees over 1100 athletes from all over the world taking on a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride and 26.2 mile run. The centre is the base for the Holme Pierrepont Running Club . The centre was chosen to host the Sea Scout 100 national Sea Scout Centenary Jamboree in August 2009.

Where can you find team building activities at Holme Pierrepont?

Holme Pierrepont Country Park also offers team building activities alongside their conferencing packages. A sports science and medicine centre, ran by the English Institute of Sport, is purpose built and is available for use by governing bodies for physiology, sports injury/rehabilitation and physiological testing.

Are there lifeguards at Holme Pierrepont Centre?

The Centre was the venue for the World Rowing Junior Championships in 1973, and for the World Rowing Championships in 1975 and 1986, and many major competitions for UK rowing. Typically the safety is outsourced to local lifeguard unit Colwick Park Lifeguards who have been part of the team at Holme Pierrepont since 1979.