How many colonists can you save Feros?

How many colonists can you save Feros?

For Feros to survive, the total value of colony health + colony leadership must be thirteen or higher. So, for example, if you kill Shiala and Jeong, you need to spare at least 13 colonists, or spare at least 9 colonists and complete all four sidequests.

How do you keep the colonists alive in Mass Effect?

Once you run out of Anti-Thorian Gas grenades, you can still save the Zhu’s Hope colonists by using melee attacks to take them out. Use B on Xbox or Circle on PlayStation to hit them until their health bars are depleted. It’ll look pretty brutal, but it won’t kill them.

What happens if you kill the colonists Mass Effect?

Mass Effect 2 If Shepard killed more colonists than saved through the use of the anti-Thorian gas, the colony on Feros is shut down, with the ExoGeni team and the survivors relocated back to Earth. If more colonists survived than were killed, Zhu’s Hope persists.

Where are the Varren on Feros?

The alpha varren is found in a small section of collapsed skyway attached to the tunnels. Head towards the elevator to the skyway, and continue down the stairs beyond it. Once in the tunnels several geth will need to be fought, if they have not been encountered already.

What happens if you don’t save Zhu’s Hope?

Before entering Zhu’s Hope, you want to make sure to tell your squadmates to incapacitate the colonists and avoid using lethal force. If you don’t, your squadmates will fire on them as if they were standard enemies. You can toss this at the enemies and time the explosions to knock them out.

Can you save the Thorian in Mass Effect 1?

Yes, it is possible to save the Thorian. After you shoot it full of holes, you are given the option to shoot Shiala. If you spare her life, the Thorian lives on as Spores in her nervous system.

Can you save feros?

Saving the Feros Colony Explained. You’ll need 13 points in order to have the Feros Colony survive. While it’s not strictly required, you’ll have a far better chance of saving the Colony if you have either 12 Charm Points or 10 Intimidate Points, thanks to a decision you have to make towards the end of the level.

Can you spare the Thorian?

Can you save the colonists on Feros?

How do I get to Feros?

Go to Feros When you’re ready to head to Feros, getting there is relatively painless (what happens on the planet is another story entirely, however). Fly the Normandy to the Attican Beta cluster, and seek out the solar system known as Theseus. Once there, you’ll find the planet Feros.

Where is the alpha Varren in Mass Effect?

In the far back of the room, away from the other Varren, there’s a red one. This is the Alpha Varren. He’s stronger than the others, and by taking him out, you’ll be able to provide food to Zhu’s Hope. After eliminating him, you take the food back to Davin Reynolds.

Can you leave the Thorian alive?

How many colonists can you save in Mass Effect 1?

The number of living colonists should always be 16. That’s everything you need to know about how to save all of the Zhu’s Hope colonists in Mass Effect 1. Check out our guide wiki for Mass Effect Legendary Edition for more tips, tricks, and other general info.

How do I save all sixteen colonists on Feros?

This guide shows players how to save all sixteen colonists on Feros. After defending the colony from an attack from the Geth and seeing the Baynham’s reunite, the player can then talk to the two to discover more about the Thorian. This will grant the player access to the Anti-Thorian grenades that can be equipped from the equipment screen.

How to save Zhu’s hope colonists in Mass Effect 1?

Here’s how to save all of the Zhu’s Hope colonists in Mass Effect 1. Soon after landing on Feros to find out what the Geth are after, you’ll need to defend a small colony called Zhu’s Hope from a Geth attack.

How does the FEROS Colony system work?

It works using a Points system: various actions you take will give you a certain amount of points, including who has survived and if you tended to any of the colony’s other problems. You’ll need 13 points in order to have the Feros Colony survive.