How many court of common pleas judges do we have in Northampton County?

How many court of common pleas judges do we have in Northampton County?

439 judges
The 439 judges of the court of common pleas are elected to 10-year terms in partisan elections.

How do I pay a fine in Northampton County PA?

Pay Court Costs/Fines Payments may be made by any of the following methods: Business check, certified check or money order by mail made payable to “Criminal Division”. Include defendant’s name, date of birth, and case number (if known). Cash, credit card, money order or certified check if you come in person to pay.

What is the role of Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas?

Courts of Common Pleas are trial courts which hear appeals in cases from the minor courts. Some cases before Courts of Common Pleas are heard by juries and some are heard by judges.

How many courts of common pleas does Pennsylvania have?

The Courts of Common Pleas are organized into 60 judicial districts and are the trial courts of Pennsylvania.

How many courts of common pleas are there in Ohio?

They are the only trial courts created by the Ohio Constitution (in Article IV, Section 1). The duties of the courts are outlined in Article IV, Section 4. Each of Ohio’s 88 counties has a court of common pleas.

What does a Court of Common Pleas do?

The courts of common pleas have original jurisdiction in all criminal felony cases and original jurisdiction in all civil cases in which the amount in controversy is generally more than $15,000. Courts of common pleas have appellate jurisdiction over the decisions of some state administrative agencies.

What is common pleas case?

Common Pleas Court—deals with adult felonies, major civil cases (both injury and contract), foreclosures, real estate, injunctions. Domestic Relations Court—deals with divorce, dissolution, annulment, child support, parenting time, parental rights.

Who are the judges in Northampton County Court of Common Pleas?

Court Forms :: Northampton County Court of Common Pleas Court Home| Contact the Court| Español Judges Judge Michael J. Koury, Jr. Judge Stephen G. Baratta Judge Paula A. Roscioli Judge Anthony S. Beltrami Judge Craig A. Dally Judge Jennifer R. Sletvold Judge Samuel P. Murray Judge John M. Morganelli Judge Abraham P. Kassis Court Calendar

What district courts are in Northampton County PA?

The Third Judicial District of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania includes the Court of Common Pleas of Northampton County and fifteen Magisterial District Courts located in Northampton County. These courts are part of the judicial branch of government of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

What does lap stand for in Northampton County PA?

Attorney Referral and Information Service Northampton County Bar Admissions Mortgage Foreclosure Diversion Program Language Access Plan (LAP) Information & Forms Criminal Court Arraignment / Pre-Trial Conference Criminal Trial Process Recovery Court Policy & Procedures Sentencing Summary Appeals Summary ARD Civil Court Arbitration program

What is the general jurisdiction of the Common Pleas Court?

The Constitution of Pennsylvania establishes the Common Pleas Court as the trial court of general jurisdiction in this Commonwealth. It is at the common pleas level that criminal prosecutions are brought ranging from homicides to misdemeanors. Money damage actions are tried here as well.