Common questions

How many levels does Dead Trigger have?

How many levels does Dead Trigger have?

The storyline of Dead Trigger 2 is played out through a series of campaigns, and their missions. Currently, there are five campaigns with a total of 44 missions.

Where are the blueprints in Dead Trigger 2?

They only drop as a rare drop from special zombies. The exact chance of getting a blueprint is unknown, however it seems to vary from 25% to 10% as the player levels up and progresses trough the game.

How do you save cities in Dead Trigger 2?

You save a city by participating in Warfare. Global Warfare missions appear all over the globe on random locations and are indicated with red icons. Once a city you have fought in gets liberated, you receive the reward according to the accumulated score that you’ve reached in that particular city.

Does Dead Trigger 2 end?

The story is concluded in the final mission of the South American campaign. You will continue to unlock the rest of the world areas by upgrading your tech level.

Who made Dead Trigger 2?

Madfinger GamesDead Trigger 2 / Developer

Dead Trigger 2 is a zombie-themed first person survival horror video game developed and published by Madfinger Games. It was released for Android and iOS devices on October 23, 2013, and for Facebook on February 20, 2014.

Who created Dead Trigger 2?

Madfinger GamesDead Trigger 2 / Developer

Is Zombie trigger 2 offline?

Madfinger Games’ Dead Trigger 2 will have an online multiplayer mode.

Why is Dead Trigger 2 so popular on mobile?

Mobile game players will get hooked (hopefully not by the zombies…) by this game’s fast-paced shooting, gory/bloody nature and top-notch graphics. After taking a spin through a few cities overrun by the undead, we came away with a viable list of tips/tricks/cheats for Dead Trigger 2.

How do I reload Dead Trigger 2?

After registering, a new pop up offer wall will come up on the screen. Make sure you take advantage of all the free apps that come up on that 2nd, hidden wall. Download all the apps, start them, end them then go ahead and reload Dead Trigger 2.

How to get the Red Skull icon in Dead Trigger 2?

Dead Trigger 2: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know 1. Take Advantage of the Hidden Tapjoy Offer Wall 2. Headshots Are Your Best Bet 3. Take Down The Minibosses To Earn Some Blueprints 4. Keep A Good Amount of Painkillers on Hand for Those Harder Levels 5. Keep Your Eyes Peeled for The Glowing Red Skull Icon