How many Wonderla are there in Bangalore?

How many Wonderla are there in Bangalore?

Wonderla is the largest chain of amusement parks in India. It is owned and operated by Wonderla Holidays Limited which is headquartered near Bidadi, 28 kilometres (17 mi) from Bengaluru, Karnataka. It operates 3 amusement parks in Kochi, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad….


Which railway station is near Wonderla Bangalore?

Bangalore city junction railway station
Bangalore city junction railway station is the nearest railhead to Wonderla Amusement Park in Bangalore and it is just at 26 km away and it is going to take about 40 to 45 minutes of time in covering the distance via road using a bus or a private taxi.

Is camera allowed in Wonderla?

Hi Tharun, we don’t rent cameras at the park. If you are not carrying a camera, we offer images on the rides through our photo shop in the park. You can buy your pictures on the rides at prices starting from Rs. 100/-.

What are the things in Wonderla?

High Thrill Rides at Wonderla Amusement Park, Bengaluru

  • Recoil. Wonderla introduces India’s first ever reverse looping Roller Coaster – RECOIL, which will give you a whole new experience of thrill.
  • Flash Tower.
  • Equinox.
  • Insanity.
  • Hurricane.
  • Y-Scream.
  • Techno Jump.
  • Maverick.

Which is the largest water park in the world?

Tropical Islands Resort is the biggest indoor water park in the world, and manages to keep its visitors warm (though not dry) all year. The world’s largest indoor water park covers an area of more than 16 acres—that’s more than the size of six city blocks—and can host up to 6,000 guests at a time.

How far is Wonderla Amusement Park from Bangalore?

Away from the maddening crowd of the IT city of India, Wonderla Amusement Park is located on the Mysore road, 28 km from Bangalore. It is an ideal getaway you never want to miss.

What is Wonderla Bengaluru?

Begin the Journey of Wonders! Welcome to Wonderla Bengaluru! The loudest, craziest, and the most amazing part of town. This simply is not just any amusement park in Bengaluru, but a world of breath-taking charm. It’s a place to celebrate the smaller moments and share big wonders.

How many rides are there in Wonderla theme park?

With 55 different fun rides, Wonderla theme park offers variety of features like Water Rides, Musical Fountain, Laser Shows, Virtual Reality Shows and even a dance floor.

What to do in Bengaluru in one day?

Make sure you check out our water rides, land rides and our most thrilling attractions in Bengaluru. Keep a keen eye out for timings of various other fun programs across the park – be it the next wave at the Wave Pool, or the next dance at the Rain Disco, or the next show at the Adventures of Chikku.