How much can I get for an old clawfoot tub?

How much can I get for an old clawfoot tub?

Interestingly, most antique clawfoot tubs that you can find for sale have already been refurbished, and so they’re a little more expensive than an untouched tub is going to be. For example, a restored 5′ clawfoot tub was sold for $1,000, and a refinished 6′ clawfoot tub from 1926 sold for about $2,500.

Will a clawfoot tub crack tile?

Will a clawfoot tub crack tile? Tile floors, especially porcelain, are very durable and will not break under heavy weight but they can scratch. Tile flooring is ideal for supporting a heavy bathtub at full capacity.

How can you tell if a tub is cast iron?

A cast iron tub will sound like a deep gong, just as if you hit a cast iron frying pan. Look at the bottom of the tub if possible. A cast iron tub will be black, and a steel tub will be metallic, although it may be covered with a layer of paint. An acrylic tub will look like coated plastic.

Is a clawfoot tub bigger than a regular tub?

Clawfoot tubs are almost always larger in almost every dimension than a standard built in tub – the feet make them taller, and in addition to being long and deep (after all, they are meant for soaking), you also want to leave a little “elbow room” around the tub.

Why are people removing bathtubs?

The study also found that 27 percent of homeowners decided to remove the master bathtub, almost always to make room for a bigger shower with walk-in capability and fixtures like a rain-shower head.

How much does it cost to refinish a clawfoot tub?

The average cost to refinish a clawfoot tub is $300 to $650, depending on the size and condition. Clawfoot tub issues such as erosion, rust, pinholes, scarring, lead paint, or chips need to be addressed before reglazing. Refinishing takes 4 to 5 hours and typically comes with a 3 to 10-year warranty.

Can you put a clawfoot tub on ceramic tile?

You are fine installing a claw-foot iron tub on porcelain tile as long as you place the tub carefully. If you drag the tub across the tile you run the risk of scratching the porcelain if it’s a lower quality.

Where can I buy the best clawfoot tub?

In addition to offering the largest selection of clawfoot tubs on the web from top brands like Randolph Morris, Vintage Tub & Bath also has highly trained specialists that are eager to help you choose a tub that will fit your bathroom and your style.

What is a double ended slipper clawfoot tub?

Another vintage style tub that is also available in the Double Ended Slipper Clawfoot Tub. This tub is very elegant in appearance as both ends sweep up allowing for one or two to comfortably recline. Double slippers are available with no faucet holes or holes on the rim of the tub at its lowest point between the two raised sides.

What are claudclawfoot bathtubs made of?

Clawfoot bathtubs are chiefly made of two materials – Cast Iron or Acrylic. However, other materials are used to make these bathtubs, though they are not nearly as popular.

Can you move a cast iron clawfoot tub?

Cast iron clawfoot tubs are extremely popular among homeowners. Because they are made of metal, they are very heavy and should never be moved or attempted to move by a single person. To protect the metal from corrosion, the interior of cast iron tubs are coated with ceramic or porcelain.