How much do London police officers get paid?

How much do London police officers get paid?

The range of salaries for sergeants is £41,500 to £45,098. Inspectors can earn between £51,414 and £55,768 (£53,665 and £58,038 in London), rising to between £56,909 and £59,249 for chief inspectors (£59,175 and £61,509 in London).

How much are Chicago police paid?

Police Officer in Chicago, IL Area Salaries

Job Title Location Salary
Chicago Police Officer salaries – 29 salaries reported Chicago, IL Area $92,382/yr
US Army Police Officer salaries – 5 salaries reported Chicago, IL Area $32,268/yr
City of Elgin Police Officer salaries – 5 salaries reported Chicago, IL Area $93,187/yr

What is the starting salary for a Met police officer?

Pay. As a new full-time police constable in the Met on the DHEP entry route, your total starting salary package will be circa £31,000 (including London allowances) increasing to circa £33,000 on successful completion of your probationary period.

How much do Metropolitan Police get paid?

Metropolitan Police Service Salary FAQs The average Metropolitan Police Service salary ranges from approximately £34,101 per year for a PCSO to £84,826 per year for a Superintendent. Metropolitan Police Service employees rate the overall compensation and benefits package 3.2/5 stars.

What is the highest paid job in the police?

The Chief of Police
The Chief of Police is the top position in civilian law enforcement. The Chief of Police has the highest paying job in law enforcement for the civilian sector, making between $96,000 and $160,000 a year (In Salary). Just below the Chief is the Deputy Chief of Police, with a salary of up to $138,000 a year (In Salary).

How much do police officers make in Chicago per hour?

Police officers make $23.86 per hour on average. Was this answer helpful?

What police department pays the most?

Many people see the California Police Department as the number one highest salary-paying state for police officers worldwide. On average, a police officer’s salary is $93,550, being 52.7%higher than the national average. In Sunnyvale or San Jose, police officers may earn as much as $114,520 per year.

Do you have to live in London to join the Met?

Police Constable on our Police Constable Degree Apprenticeship (PCDA) and Degree Holder Entry Programme (DHEP) entry routes you must meet the London Residency Criteria. That means you must have lived or studied in London for a minimum of three out of the last six years at the point of application.

How much do UK detectives get paid?

Experienced staff in England, Wales and Northern Ireland earn between £43,965 and £46,277 as a sergeant, £52,698 and £57,162 as an inspector, £58,332 and £60,732 as a chief inspector, £70,173 to £82,881 as a superintendent and £86,970 to £91,749 as a chief superintendent.

Do police get paid overtime UK?

Police officers will be compensated for overtime in accordance with the Leave and Hours of Duty policy and police staff in accordance with Terms and Conditions.

How much do armed police earn UK?

New recruits The starting pay for newly recruited MDP Constables is £23,541. Thereafter, increases in pay are reviewed annually and linked to performance (including fitness and attendance). Within six years, you could be earning over £39,074. Location allowances are also payable at specific sites.

How much does a Chicago police officer make a year?

How much does a Police Officer make in Chicago, IL? The average Police Officer salary in Chicago, IL is $61,100 as of November 25, 2020, but the range typically falls between $57,100 and $66,600.

What are the benefits of working for the Met Police?

These include annual leave, civil service pension arrangements, interest free season ticket loans, membership of Met sports and social clubs, flexible working conditions and many more. For police staff, annual leave entitlement depends on your length of service as follows:

What are the MPs pay bands?

The MPS has seven basic pay bands: Each band represents a group of individual roles that are of similar value to the Met, as defined by a standardised and fair job evaluation system. There are also a number of ‘shadow bands’ (H-Y) that reflect the value and salaries of particular specialist roles that don’t fit into the basic band structure.

When do newly promoted officers join the pay scale?

Officers newly promoted after 1st September 2019 will join the pay scale at the minimum of the pay point for the rank, from the date of their promotion. The pay scales for each rank can be seen below: