How much is a Giant-Size X-Men Number 1 worth?

How much is a Giant-Size X-Men Number 1 worth?

Price Guide Report

$550 $825 $90,000

What is a giant-size comic?

Giant is used mostly in the 60s and 70s when the first giant sized 80 page comics with classic reprints first appeared. Superman Annual #1 was the first one from DC Comics in 1960. Marvel referred to them as King Size Annuals (and Queen Size Annuals for girls’ titles like Millie the Model).

What should I read before Giant-Size X-Men?

A reading order for stories starting with Giant-Size X-Men #1 in May 1975 and ending with Uncanny X-Men #142 in February 1981….Era #2: Second Genesis Reading Order

  • From the Ashes.
  • Where No X-Man Has Gone Before!
  • Magneto Triumphant.
  • Arcade & Proteus.
  • The Dark Phoenix Saga.
  • Days of Future Past.

What does giant sized mean?

adjective [usu ADJ n] An object that is giant-sized is much bigger than objects of its kind usually are.

What are large comic books called?

Omnibus – These are very large hardcover collections. These collections can can be 25+ singles issues collected. Often these collect entire series or a creative run on a comic series. Graphic Novel – Often a fancier term for collected edition but can also be used to describe an OGN.

How much is Wolverine 75 worth?

Wolverine comic books issue 75

Add to cart NM- 9.2 $21.00 View scan Add to cart NM- 9.2 $21.00 View scan
Add to cart VF/NM 9.0 $18.75 View scan Add to cart VF+ 8.5 $12.75
Add to cart VF 8.0 $12.00 Add to cart VF 8.0 $12.00 View scan

What was the first X Men movie?

X-Men is the first movie in the X-Men Film Series directed by Bryan Singer, based on the celebrated comic book franchise of the same name. It came out in 2000. It starts with some guy with claws, and a runaway teenage girl who accidentally puts her boyfriend in a coma by kissing him.

What is the Order of the X Men movies?

Below is a list of the movies in chronological order: X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) X-Men: First Class (2011) X-Men (2000) X2: X-Men United (2003) X-Men: The Last Stand (2006) The Wolverine (2013)

What is the New X Men movie?

The New X-Men. Probably the most obvious, and most desired, route for the next X-Men movie is the new X-Men team. Apocalypse ends with the assembling of a new generation of X-Men, composed of Jean Grey, Storm, Nightcrawler, Scott/Cyclops, and Quicksilver.