Common questions

How old is the Droid Mini?

How old is the Droid Mini?

Motorola Droid Mini mobile was launched in July 2013. The phone comes with a 4.30-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 720×1280 pixels at a pixel density of 342 pixels per inch (ppi).

Does the Droid Mini have a SIM card?

How do I insert or remove the Droid Mini SIM card? Your nano SIM card should come pre-installed in your device. Pull out the volume keys/SIM tray with your fingernail. Clip the nano SIM into the tray.

Does Droid Mini support 4G?

Data speeds Like all of Verizon’s new smartphones, the Motorola Droid Mini can link to the carrier’s 4G LTE network for fast data access.

How big is the Droid Mini?

4.3 Inches
30-day warranty….Motorola DROID MINI, Red 16GB (Verizon Wireless)

Model Name Verizon Wireless
Screen Size 4.3 Inches

How do I make my Motorola camera better?

How to Improve Moto G Camera Quality

  1. Update the Motorola camera app.
  2. Switch the camera to HDR mode.
  3. Set focus and exposure to manual.
  4. Change the aspect ratio to increase the camera resolution.

Should you buy the Motorola Droid Mini from Verizon?

If you’re a Verizon customer looking for an affordable yet compact Android smartphone, the $99.99 Motorola Droid Mini sure sounds tempting. And on the whole it delivers just what you’d expect from a $99.99 phone. It has the same fast processor as the Droid Ultra and the Droid Maxx, battery life is long, and call quality is excellent.

Does the Motorola Droid Mini cut corners?

It’s plain to see that another area where the Motorola Droid Mini cuts corners is in its mediocre LCD screen. Measuring 4.3 inches, the phone’s display may be bigger than the iPhone’s (4 inches) but is relatively small compared with most high-end Android phones, including the Droid Ultra and the Droid Maxx (5 inches, 720p).

What is the difference between the Moto X and Droid Mini?

The Droid Mini’s screen even pales when viewed side-by-side with the compact Moto X. The X also boasts AMOLED technology and at a more sizable 4.7 inches across. As a result it delivers superior image quality similar to Motorola’s step-up handsets.

Does the Motorola Droid Mini have an SD card slot?

In keeping with all the new Droid handsets, however, there’s no SD card slot on the Mini for increasing storage. If you’re a fan of stock Android, the Droid Mini’s software probably won’t irritate you all that much. Motorola took a similar hands-on approach as it did with its other Droids and the Moto X.