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Is brownells an FFL?

Is brownells an FFL?

Brownells Featured Dealers have agreed to perform FFL transfers on guns purchased online from Brownells. We have their necessary FFL information on file and your FFL order will ship directly to them once processed.

What is a bound book for FFL?

firearms acquisition and disposition
The firearms acquisition and disposition (A&D) record, also known as a “bound book”, is a permanently bound book or an orderly arrangement of loose-leaf pages which must be maintained at the business premises. The format must follow that prescribed in the regulations and the pages must be numbered consecutively.

Does brownells have a store front?

MAP TO STORE If you don’t see the Credova’s checkout window click on the button below to continue.

Do you need an FFL to buy parts?

Retail gun parts dealers are required to have FFLs and to verify those of their buyers. There are 11 different types of FFLs, each applicable to a specific type of firearms dealer, manufacturer or assembler.

Do you need FFL for parts?

However, you will need an FFL on file with us to buy a firearm receiver, frame, or barreled action, and a very small percentage of our factory parts. Your order for the FFL-controlled items can only be shipped to the address on the signed FFL.

What is A&D book?

Acquisition and Disposition Book
What is A&D Book? A&D Book is a new generation FFL (Federal Firearm License) Acquisition and Disposition Book management software that simplifies and automates firearms record keeping for firearms dealers in the US. It helps the dealers become and stay ATF compliant in an efficient, secure and easy way.

What is perfect bound book printing?

What is perfect binding? Perfect binding is a process, commonly used by printers and bookmakers, where groups of pages are bound together using adhesive to create a clean, crisp and professional printed product. An adhesive is then applied to the spine before a cover is wrapped around them.

How long does it take brownells to process an order?

Expect 3-5 Business days for delivery.

How long does brownells take to ship?

3-5 days
Brownells offers Ground shipping for a flat rate of $11.00 (up to 200 lbs). Expect 3-5 days for delivery.

Does Brownells have military discount?

What Is The Official Brownells Military Discount? OMK spoke directly with a Brownells representative and it turns out that they in fact DO have a military discount. The discount ranges from 1% – 10% off your order total.

Who owns Brownells?

Peter Royce Brownell (born 1969) is an American businessman. He is the Chairman of the Board of Brownells, a supplier of firearm accessories, ammunition and supplies based in Grinnell, Iowa. He is also Chairman of the Board and CEO of Brownell’s parent company, 2nd Adventure Group.

What is a Federal Firearms License – FFL log book?

These professional grade Federal Firearms License – FFL Log Books are essential for preserving firearm data and proving compliance with ATF P 5300.4 Federal Firearms Regulations. These books conveniently include spaces for recording required data on up to 900 firearms (lines are numbered from 1 – 900).

How many pages are in the ATF FFL record book?

The format used has been approved by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms of the U.S. Department of the Treasury. The book contains 48 pages; has 440 entry lines; and a reprint of ATF P 5300.15 (1/89) detailing FFL rules and regulations; plus a guide, with examples, to filling out the record entries correctly.

Is bookfactory’s FFL log book good quality?

Bookfactory makes a high quality Federal Firearms License log book. Unfortunately, our company purchased three FFL Books through a third party seller, Arms Unlimited, who falsely claimed to distribute the Bookfactory FFL books. The Arms Unlimited books are a cheap counterfeit, so I originally submitted a negative review of these books.

How many pages are in the ATF P 5300?

The book contains 48 pages; has 440 entry lines; and a reprint of ATF P 5300.15 (1/89) detailing FFL rules and regulations; plus a guide, with examples, to filling out the record entries correctly. Punched for any 2 or 3 hole, or post binder. SPECS: 48 pages. 8½” (21.6cm) x 11″ (27.9cm).