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Is Canon EOS 450D a good camera?

Is Canon EOS 450D a good camera?

In summary the Canon EOS 450D is very similar to the previous 400D model – an all-plastic but well-built, intuitive and very responsive DSLR – with some thoughtful improvements that make an already excellent camera even better.

When did the Canon XSi come out?

The EOS Rebel XSi is the first model in the Rebel series to incorporate DIGIC III. Introduced in 2007 on the EOS-1D Mark III DSLR, this function makes its debut in an entry level Canon DSLR with the EOS Rebel XSi camera.

How many MP is a Canon Rebel XSi?

Canon EOS 450D/Megapixels
On some counts, the XSi offers some pretty nice specs, highlighted by the 12-megapixel APS-C size CMOS sensor (for Canon’s traditional 1.6x focal-length multiplier) and 9-point user-selectable autofocus system. The latter wouldn’t be much of a standout if Nikon hadn’t dropped to three-area AF in the D60.

How many megapixels does the Canon EOS 450D have?

The EOS 450D (called EOS Rebel XSi in North America and EOS Kiss X2 in Japan) is a 12.2-megapixel digital single-lens reflex camera that is part of the Canon EOS line of cameras. It is the successor to the EOS 400D/Digital Rebel XTi.

What are the shutter speeds on a canon 450D?

Canon 450D can shoot continuously at max speed of 4 fps and has max shutter speed of 1/4000 sec.

What is the best Canon digital camera?

The PowerShot G1 X Mark III is Canon’s most capable digital camera that doesn’t have interchangeable lenses. It packs a massive 24.2 MP APS-C image sensor (the same size as the EOS Rebel and EOS M product families), and a superb set of manual controls that are bound to appeal to photography enthusiasts.

How to record canon 450D?

The resolution is 848 x 560,at somewhere around 20 frames per second,depending.

  • If you have a ‘cannot initialize’ error,take our your memory card.
  • To change the default file location,click on the … icon.
  • To alter the camera’s aperture,first click the ‘DOF’ button,then once its depressed you can selected your desired f-number.
  • When ready to record,hit ‘Write!’.
  • I’m not sure what the maximum file size is yet,but i suspect it can’t go beyond 8gb because of Windows.
  • To ease the load on your CPU,deselect the ‘Show captured image’ button. Make sure your camera’s in focus though! TOP TIP!