Is it correct to say older than me?

Is it correct to say older than me?

When we use than as a preposition, it takes an object pronoun (me) : He is older than me. When we use than as a conjunction, it takes a subject pronoun (I) : He is older than I am. Note that He is older than I is incorrect.

Is it correct to say than I or than me?

For most people, the “than me” version sounds more natural than “than I.” However, “than me” is the version that runs the higher risk of being considered wrong. This is almost certainly because the “than I” version has been in use longer and seems more grammatically correct.

Is it elder than me or older than me?

We need to remember older than is the correct form- e.g – She is older than all her friends. Usually, among siblings we generally use elder. For example- My son John is two years elder to my daughter. So remember the point- Older than / Elder to.

What do you call someone who is older than you?

Ma’am or Sir Again, if you’re ever unsure of how to refer to someone older than you—including a family friend—you can default to “sir” or “ma’am.” For women, you can also use the term, “madam.” Unlike Mr., Mrs., and Ms., you don’t need to include a last name or surname after sir, ma’am, or madame.

Which is correct older than her or older than she?

Your object is the comparison (than) of age between 2 people; therefore we need to use the Object pronoun ‘her’. You may of course compare the state/age of 2 people, but you need to include a ‘to be’ for each person and, so, would use ‘she is’. Compare ‘oldness’; He is older than her.

Is it correct to say younger than me?

He is younger than me. He is younger than I. Answer: ‘I’ is more correct in formal English, but ‘me’ is acceptable in informal English and is increasingly used in formal English too. ‘I’ is more ‘correct’ because you’re comparing two subjects.

Why Elder is not used with Than?

We don’t use “elder to”. Elder is either an adjective (my elder daughter) or a noun (you should be polite to your elders). Older uses than because that is the preposition we use in comparisons: “That woman is the boss’s elder daughter. She is two years older than her sister Ruth.

What do you call a girl older than you?

How do you say Old nicely?

Synonyms & Antonyms of old

  1. aged,
  2. aging.
  3. (or ageing),
  4. ancient,
  5. elderly,
  6. geriatric,
  7. long-lived,
  8. older,

What is the different between older and elder?

What’s the difference between ‘elder’ and ‘older’? Elder and older but mean “more advanced in age.” But while “older” can describe things as well as people, “elder” is reserved for people only. “Elder” can also be used as a noun, as in “respect your elders,” whereas “older” cannot.

Is it correct to say ‘you are older than me’?

Answer : Yes, it is. The common error is to say, “You are older than me” but it is wrong. “Me” is an objective pronoun just like “us”, “them”, “him” and her” are. Such pronouns are always used as objects in the sentence.

Is I am elder to/elder than him grammatically correct?

I am elder to/elder than him- Totally Incorrect. As I have already pointed it out elsewhere, popular usage does not make incorrect grammar, correct. He is taller than I am. He is smarter than I am. He is cleverer than she is. He is richer than we are. You play guitar better than I do. (Not me.) She bakes cakes way better than he does. (Not him.)

What is the correct way to say than me or than I?

As for the ordinary spoken language, the correct way to say anything at all is the one that ‘feels natural’ to native speakers. I’ve often heard both than me or than I from native speakers, so both must be ‘correct’.

Why do some people think they’re better than you?

Some people think they’re better than you because they say “better than I” instead of “better than me.” They’re not, of course. They’re just among the select group of grammar enthusiasts who think that than can only be a conjunction. You, on the hand, recognize that it can also be a preposition.