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Is Ladderax still made?

Is Ladderax still made?

In 1964, they started producing chests of drawers to add to the shelves and cabinets already in circulation. Staples manufactured Ladderax furniture until 1987, although there was an attempt to relaunch the brand in 2016.

Who made Ladderax?

Robert Heal
Ladderax is a modular shelving and storage system created by Robert Heal in 1964 for Staples of Cricklewood, London. It is an example of Mid-Century modern design.

How do you fix a Ladderax wall?

Ladderax does not require any permanent fixing to a wall, because it self-supports, you can screw wall-leaning ladders to the wall if desired (unlike room divider ladders) as the rear upright has factory made holes to allow screws to pass thorugh.

How wide is Ladderax?

Ladderax ladders 86.3 cm x 20.3 cm.

What is a Ladderax System?

Ladderax is a modular system based around ladders, rods and carpentry, which provides shelving and storage that you can adjust to your needs. The ladders form the two outside edges of the system, with rods connecting them and supporting your shelves and storage units.

How many shelves are in a mid century retro Ladderax cabinet?

Mid Century Retro Ladderax Shelving Display Cabinet Desk Bureau Storage Bookcase. This two bay unit consists of 3 teak uprights, a display cabinet, desk bureau cabinet and 3 shelves. The unit is in used condition with signs of wear commensurate wit Mid Century Retro Ladderax Shelving LP Record Desk Bureau Drinks Cabinet 3 Bay.

What is the history of Ladderax shelving?

Ladderax shelving’s history begins in 1962 when Robert Heal designed the system for Staples, a mattress company based in Cricklewood in London. Heal was heavily influenced by Danish furniture design of the time, and his new creation caught the imagination of the public.

Do Ladderax drawers need supports?

Many drawers, desks, and shelves often require supports to ensure they dont fall over. This is especially true when they are placed on carpeting. With Ladderax, however, each item is built with its own support system. Just follow the Ladderax instructions, and you should be able to assemble the piece correctly.