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Is The Apple Dumpling Gang a good movie?

Is The Apple Dumpling Gang a good movie?

Judged by this standard, Walt Disney’s “The Apple Dumpling Gang” is a success. It even got a cheer at the end, which isn’t always the case; kids are just as cheerfully willing to boo. The story is simple and obvious, but it’s told with a lot of energy, and the cast is jammed, with character actors doing their things.

What year is Apple Dumpling Gang set in?

Three orphan children strike gold in 1878 California.

What did the old woman offer the old man in exchange for some apples?

Ans. The old woman offered a little dog in exchange for some apples from the old man.

What movies was Barney Fife in?

Though it’s hard to narrow down, these are the 11 best Don Knotts movies.

  1. Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo.
  2. The Incredible Mr.
  3. The Reluctant Astronaut.
  4. The Love God.
  5. No Deposit, No Return.
  6. The Private Eyes.
  7. How To Frame a Figg.
  8. The Ghost and Mr.

What is the moral of the story The Apple Dumpling?

I sifted through dozens before I came upon, “The Apple Dumpling,” a folktale from England. The hero of the story touched my heart. She was always willing to trade in order to make someone else happy, although she would be no closer to her own goal. Another implied lesson was that of patience and determination.

What problems did the old woman face while making dinner?

Question 1: What problem did the old woman face while trying to make dinner? Answer: The old woman wanted to make apple dumpling for dinner but she did not have apples.

Why did the speaker want to give something to the old woman what did he give her?

(c) Why did the speaker want to give something to the old woman? What did he give her? Answer: The young lord was happy with the flowers that the old woman gave him. He gave her a gold chain in exchange.

Why did the old woman set out with a basket of plum?

Q2. Ans. The old woman set out with a basket of plums in search of someone who had apples.

Why was the old woman trying to get the hair from the boy?

In the story “The beekeeper and the bewitched hare”, The old lady tried to get the hare from the boy because the hare was a bewitched one. … The hare had blue eyes which is quite uncommon. But the hare loved the boy and he decides to keep it.

What idea come to the old woman mind?

Q2. What idea came to the old woman’s mind? Ans. The old woman thought of talking to her lamp to fool the thief.