Is the kongamatos a real creature?

Is the kongamatos a real creature?

One of the earliest reports of the kongamatos is from traveler Frank Melland. It is depicted in his 1932 book In Witchbound Africa . It could be a case of mistaken identity, although it could also be a living pterosaur. If it isn’t a living pterosaur.

Is the pterosaur of Papua New Guinea a real creature?

When shown a picture of a pterosaur, natives said that it was a picture of a kongamato. The accounts told of these creatures are similar to the ones that describe the ropen of Papua New Guinea, as well as with several other creatures.

Is olitau the same thing as the kongamato?

To the west in Cameroon, the natives describe a nocturnal, bat-like creature called Olitau. Likely the same as the Kongamato, this creature was observed by an exploration team under Ivan Sanderson in 1932. He drew a sketch of the episode (right).

When was the kongamato first described?

This fascinating animal first received widespread attention when explorer Frank Welland described it in his 1932 book In Witchbound Africa. The Kongamato (“overwhelmer of boats”), is described as a large, reddish creature with leathery wings, devoid of feathers.

Is there a kongamato in Zambia?

I have mentioned the Jiundu swamp [northwestern Zambia] as one of the reputed haunts of the kongamato, and I must say that the place itself is the very kind of place in which such a reptile might exist, if it is possible anywhere.” (Welland, 1932, pp. 238, 240.)

Does kongamato have a bad temper?

Natives of Central Africa believe that Kongamato has a very short temper. Tribes people say that the flying “demon” will swoop down and attack any living creature that dares to look it in the eyes. Dive Bomber Legends say that Kongamato likes to attack people in the water.