Is there an online version of Singapore Math?

Is there an online version of Singapore Math?

Singapore Maths Club is committed to breaking the status quo with fun, interactive online math classes, and resources designed to make kids fall in love with math!

What is different about Singapore Math?

How is Singapore Math different? Singapore Math differs from other math curriculums in its approach. Instead of rote memorization and drilling concepts through similar problems, Singapore Math teaches students how to mathematically think so that they can rely on the theory and build on concepts.

Where can I learn math in Singapore?

ISM is an online Singapore Math program that provides practice and assessment on specific skills, bar model drawing and test prep. From Singapore. Learn, practice and assess elementary mathematics, currently grades 3 – 7.

How much does Singapore Math cost?

How much does Singapore Math cost? Each year’s textbooks, workbooks, and home instructor’s guides, cost approximately $85, depending on which edition you buy.

Is Singapore dimensions Math Common Core?

Is Dimensions Math aligned with the Common Core State Standards? Dimensions Math PK–5 is not aligned with the Common Core State Standards, but covers the standards in its own unique progression.

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What is the Singapore maths teacher?

Written by Singaporean educators, The Singapore Maths Teacher aims to provide students with an effective learning tool to assist them in mastering the art of problem solving. Provided problems have a step-by-step slide format allowing students to pause and consider drawings and answers.