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Is Yellowfang a girl or a boy?

Is Yellowfang a girl or a boy?

Yellowfang is a dark gray she-cat with orange eyes, a broad, flattened face, and long, matted fur. Yellowfang was a ThunderClan medicine cat under Bluestar’s leadership in the forest territories.

Is Yellowfang an empath?

Yellowfang is what’s known as a physical empath, people whose bodies are so porous they absorb the symptoms of others.

Who was Cinderpelt in love with?

When Cinderpelt was full medicine cat, she and Firestar remained quite close. Cinderpelt later trained Firestar’s daughter Leafpool as a medicine cat. The Erins stated that Cinderpelt was always in love with Firestar but never told him and he never knew.

Who were Yellowfang’s kits?

Yellowfang’s Secret Yellowfang gives birth to three kits in the hollow of a dead tree, two she-kits and a tom. While the tom lets out an angry wail when his mother touches him, one of the she-kits is utterly still, born dead. Yellowfang’s other she-kit was born weak and soon died.

What were Yellowfang’s last words?

Tell Bluestar I have always been grateful for the home she gave me. This is a good place to die. I only regret that I will miss watching you become what StarClan has destined you to be.”

Who are Yellowfang’s parents?


Does Cloudtail believe in StarClan?

Despite having said to not believe in StarClan, Cloudtail is a firm believer of the warrior code, and believes in the existence of good and evil in the world.

Is Mothwing still alive?

Although she was allowed back into RiverClan, Mothwing chose to remain in exile and joined ShadowClan under Tigerstar. She later returned to RiverClan following the defeat of the impostor.

Who did firestar love?

Firestar told Sandstorm that he loved her in A Dangerous Path. When Firestar earned his nine lives Spottedleaf had given him the gift of love and told him to use it well on Sandstorm. The two have remained mates and stayed very close throughout the rest of the series.

Does Firestar love Cinderpelt?

Answer: VickyHolmes: Yes! Cinderpelt was very much in love with Firestar, but she knew nothing could ever happen because (a) she’s a medicine cat, so forbidden to have relationship, and (b) Firestar is Sandstorm’s mate. Cinderpelt is one of the few medicine cats to play by the rules!

Who is Foxheart?

Foxheart was a ShadowClan deputy under Raggedstar’s leadership in the forest territories. She was apprenticed to Blizzardwing as Foxpaw, and soon earned her warrior name, Foxheart.

What kind of cat is yellowyellowfang?

Yellowfang was a ThunderClan medicine cat under Bluestar’s leadership in the forest territories. Previously, she had served as both a warrior and medicine cat under Cedarstar’s leadership in ShadowClan and then just as a medicine cat under both Raggedstar and Brokenstar.

How did Yellowfang become the ThunderClan medicine cat?

They, along with a ThunderClan patrol, Yellowfang, and some ShadowClan cats get the kits back and drive Brokenstar out, but not before Yellowfang finds out that Brokenstar killed Raggedstar. Once they are back at ThunderClan camp, Yellowfang becomes the ThunderClan medicine cat because their medicine cat, Spottedleaf, was dead.

What happened to Yellowfang?

Later on, a fire ravaged through ThunderClan’s camp, Yellowfang died from breathing in too much smoke and ascended to StarClan. From StarClan, she gave Firestar one of his nine lives and advised future ThunderClan medicine cats with numerous prophecies.

Who are Yellowfang’s parents and formermate?

Yellowfang’s parents are Brightflower and Brackenfoot. Her formermate is Raggedpelt, and Brokenstar, Wishkit, and Hopekit are their children. For more of Yellowfang’s family, click here! Yellowfang has psychic hyper-empathy, the ability to feel the pain of those around her.