The Most Hi-Tech Airports in North America

The Most Hi-Tech Airports in North America

Since the dawn of the Internet era, there have been an innumerable amount of changes to various facets of the economy. Many industries have been transformed by the rise of the web, and the travel industry is certainly one of the most affected. Travel has increased all throughout the world, and North America is one of the top locations for travel on the planet. Because of the increase in North American tourism, there have been many changes to the various travel infrastructure elements throughout the continent. Airports have been one of the most altered entities throughout North America, and they are becoming increasingly advanced and more hi-tech. Learning about and understanding the various features that these hi-tech airports have will allow you to appreciate the excellence of these locations. 

Halifax Stanfield International Airport

The Halifax Stanfield International Airport is one of the top airports in all of Canada. The airport services the greater Halifax area and is a highly functional airport that infrequently experiences any issues. It has earned numerous industry awards such as the 2009 Airport Council International award for Top Airport in North America for passenger service. Because of the numerous impressive and hi-tech features that the airport has, they actually run tours of the airport! While on these tours, you can accompany customs agents as they search suspicious packages for bombs and other harmful materials. 

Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport

One of the premier destinations for travel in the United States in the past few decades has been the state of Texas. Texas has become increasingly modernized in recent years, and this has led to a rise in tourism amongst its bigger cities, such as Dallas-Fort Worth. Since there has been such a rise in travel to Dallas-Fort Worth, the city’s airport has become more advanced. Recently, the airport has begun utilizing facial recognition technologies to improve the safety of the airport and has also implemented a top-tier DFW airport parking service which enables passengers to make their flights on time and park more efficiently.

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

The Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is one of the top airports in the southwest of the United States and is Arizona’s largest and busiest airport. In 2018, PHX served over 44 million passengers, which made it the forty-fourth busiest airport in the entire world. Along with serving civilian passengers, the airport is home to the 161st Air Refueling Wing, which is a facet of the Arizona Air National Guard. This part of the airport is known as the Goldwater Air National Guard Base and provides aid to both the National Guard and performs stateside and overseas roles as a US Air Force organization.

Final Thoughts

In recent years, air travel has increased significantly throughout North America. People from all over the world have been travelling more to this continent and utilize the airports on a regular basis. Halifax Stanfield International Airport, Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, and Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport are three of the most hi-tech airports in North America, and understanding all of their excellent features allows you to realize why they are so important to the infrastructure in this area.