What are 5 questions to ask a client in a makeup consultation?

What are 5 questions to ask a client in a makeup consultation?

Here’s our list of the 6 questions professional makeup artists should always ask their clients!

  • Do you have any skin allergies or sensitivities?
  • What are the logistics for the job?
  • What style of makeup are you looking for?
  • What will you be wearing for the ocassion?
  • How much makeup do you usually wear?

What questions should a makeup artist ask?

Here I have compiled a list of questions that you should ask your makeup artist.

  • Q #1 – What qualifications/training do you have?
  • Q #2 – What makeup products do you use?
  • Q #3 – What if you get sick and can’t do my makeup?
  • Q #4 – Are there added costs for extras, like touch up products, travel or lashes?

What questions should I ask my MUA?

12 Questions to Ask A Makeup Artist or Hair Stylist


How do you conduct a make up client consultation?

How to Conduct your First Makeup Client Consultation

  1. Plan with the Client for the Makeup Consultation.
  2. Set a Rate for Your Makeup Services.
  3. Research the Latest Makeup Trends.
  4. Prepare Face Charts.
  5. Prepare Your Professional Makeup Artist Kit.
  6. Practice Your Makeup Skills.
  7. Dress for Success.
  8. Be Approachable.

What do makeup artists talk about?

Talk About Your Routine. “Communicate anything you are particular about.

  • Bring Your Own Products. “It is even helpful to bring your own lip colors to show your makeup artist what you usually wear.
  • Bring Photos.
  • Identify Any Elements You DON’T Want.
  • Talk Tone.
  • …And Finish.
  • Communicate Your Wedding Aesthetic.
  • Define “Pretty”
  • What are the three main factors when choosing colors for a client?

    3 Main factors to consider when choosing colors for a client: Skin color, eye color, and hair color.

    What makes a good makeup artist?

    A successful makeup artist should have a welcoming personality and attentive listening skills. A makeup artist will need to work with each client individually to enhance their facial features using makeup artistry skills. Listening to each clients’ likes and dislikes when it comes to different products.

    How do I tell my makeup artist what I want?

    1. Talk About Your Routine. “Communicate anything you are particular about.
    2. Bring Your Own Products. “It is even helpful to bring your own lip colors to show your makeup artist what you usually wear.
    3. Bring Photos.
    4. Identify Any Elements You DON’T Want.
    5. Talk Tone.
    6. …And Finish.
    7. Communicate Your Wedding Aesthetic.
    8. Define “Pretty”

    How do you ask a makeup artist?

    Here we give you a list of questions that you must ask before you book a makeup artist!

    1. Will you be available on my wedding date (or week)?
    2. What all services do you provide?
    3. Would you be comfortable with HD and/or Airbrush makeup? (depending upon your requirement)
    4. What all products will be used?

    What does a makeup consultation consist of?

    wedding makeup trial & consultation. What exactly is a “makeup trial”? You will discuss your makeup preferences, the style of your dress, the flowers and decor you have chosen for your event. The makeup artist will design a look for you, based on your individual personality and personal style.

    What happens in a makeup consultation?

    A makeup consultation is the time to get to know your client and find a look that makes her happy. When a client contacts you for a makeup consultation, ask her a series of preliminary questions to find out more about the event she is attending, the date of the event, and her expectations.

    What is a makeup survey?

    A makeup survey is a detailed questionnaire used to obtain the opinions, perspectives and behaviors of people wearing makeup. Makeup Appointment Form can help you in scheduling an appointment to have any sort of makeup professionally applied.

    How do I gather information about a client who undergoes permanent makeup?

    Gather pertinent information about the client who will undergo permanent makeup by having them complete this Permanent Makeup Client Information Form. This form can be added to any webpage using the embed code.

    Should you listen to your clients when choosing their makeup?

    For someone that wears little makeup you may not want to choose a heavy look that make them feel not like themselves. It’s important to listen to your client and make sure they’re getting the look that they like. Keep in mind, though, that there will be some clients you cannot make completely happy. But you still have to try.

    Where can I get free makeup consultation forms?

    JotForm’s free Makeup Forms let you collect makeup consultation forms, consent forms, and other types of makeup forms from any device. Just select a form template below and customize it to match your business — then embed it in your website, share it with a link, or have clients fill it out on your salon’s tablet, computer, or smartphone.