What are good jobs for National Guard?

What are good jobs for National Guard?

The Top 8 National Guard Careers

  • # 8: 74D CBRN Specialist.
  • # 7: 92Y Unit Supply Specialist.
  • # 6: 15Q Air Traffic Control Operator.
  • # 5: 88N Transportation Management Coordinator.
  • # 4: 63 Dental Corps Officer.
  • # 3: 15 Helicopter Repair.
  • # 2: 12B Combat Engineer.
  • # 1: 42B Human Resources Officer.

What does the Nebraska National Guard do?

The Nebraska Air National Guard has two main bases across the state located in Bellevue and Lincoln. They perform two unique missions training and preparing the citizen-airman to respond to the Governor of Nebraska for state emergencies or the call of the President in times of crisis.

Can you make a career out of the National Guard?

Whether your goal is to establish a civilian career, pay for college or prepare for a secure retirement, you can make it happen in the Army National Guard. Air National Guard offers more than 180 career choices. You hold the key to tomorrow’s future.

Are there any airborne National Guard units?

The 2nd Battalion (Airborne), 134th Infantry Regiment is an airborne infantry battalion in the Nebraska Army National Guard. By extension, it is a member of the United States Army National Guard, and as a currently federally-recognized unit, also a member of the National Guard of the United States.

How many National Guard are in Nebraska?

4,600 Guardsmen
Approximately 4,600 Guardsmen currently serve the state of Nebraska. The Nebraska Army National Guard is authorized approximately 3,700 Soldiers, while the Nebraska Air National Guard is authorized approximately 900 Airmen.

Does the National Guard pay well?

You can expect to earn excellent pay as a Guard Soldier. Specific pay level will be determined by your rank, job and education level. The higher you go, the more you make. You are considered to be on Active Duty during job skill and Annual Training, and paid accordingly.

What is full time National Guard duty?

“Full-time National Guard Duty” means training or other duty, other than inactive duty, performed by a member of the National Guard. 32 USC 502 (f): This statue allows member of the National Guard to be ordered to full-time National Guard duty to perform operational activities.

Are there full time jobs in the National Guard?

Army National Guard personnel serving full time oversee the day-to-day operations at a state or territory armory. These jobs typically fall under the Combat Service Support umbrella, including positions like finance, public affairs and human resources.

What are the jobs of the National Guard?

In order to keep the operations of the armed forces moving along successfully, the National Guard has jobs for mechanics and maintenance specialists. These jobs have servicemen working directly with transportation vessels, armored vehicles, utility systems, weapons and more.

Is there full time National Guard?

Yes. The Guard has several types of full-time employees. Within each state there are full-time personnel who manage the day-to-day operations of the units in their state or territorial Guard. These soldiers serve in a status known as “Title 32,” which refers to the section of the US Code that they are governed by.