What are the names of the current mules at West Point?

What are the names of the current mules at West Point?

The current Army Mule Riders are: Cadet Garrett Dolan, 2021, Cadet Sarah Traynor, 2022, Cadet Kyle Kass, 2023, and Cadet Benjamin Bennett, 2024. Together they are present at many of West Point’s athletic events, parades, and other ceremonial activities.

What is a cow at West Point?

Cow – A member of the Junior/ Second class. DMI – Department of Military Instruction. DPE – Department of Physical Education. Firstie – A member of the Senior/ First class.

What is leather USMA?

If the fresh skin of an animal, cleaned and divested of all hair, fat, and other extraneous matter, be immersed in a dilute solution of tannic acid, a chemical combination ensues; the gelatinous tissue of the skin is converted into a nonputrescible substance, impervious to and insoluble in water; this is leather.

What are juniors called at West Point?

Students are officers-in-training and are referred to as “cadets” or collectively as the “United States Corps of Cadets” (USCC).

What is Army West Point mascot?

Army Mules
United States Military Academy/Mascot

The Army Mules are a long standing tradition that serve as the mascots for not only the United States Military Academy, but the U.S. Army as a whole. The tradition began as a response by the academy when the Naval Academy adopted the goat as its mascot.

Does the Army mule have a name?

In 1939, the Army decided to finally settle on a single, official mascot. A mule named Mr. Jackson became the first Army mule.

What is a sophomore called at West Point?

Second Classmen — Cows, Juniors. Third Classmen–Yearlings, Yuks, Sophomores The term Yuks is a relatively new term.

What is a yearling at West Point?

Becoming a Team Leader: The Yearling year is when Cadets start their career in Army leadership as a Team Leader. They are responsible for the military development of one of the Plebes.

Do West Point cadets outrank ROTC?

As it turns out, West Point cadets *do* outrank Army noncommissioned officers (NCOs). It’s summertime, and for many cadets in the Army’s ROTC programs and at West Point, that means “Cadet Troop Leader Training” or CTLT.

What time do West Point cadets wake up?

Cadets at USMA have limited opportunities for sleep. Unlike other college populations, they are required to awaken early, with their first formation at 6:45 AM. However, many cadets are awake long before that hour to participate in athletic activities.

What does a West Point cadet uniform look like?

WEST POINT CADET UNIFORMS Since the first cadets at USMA belonged to the artillery and engineers, they wore their uniform–a dark blue cutaway coat with scarlet facings, brass buttons, white or blue waistcoat and tight pantaloons, black leather boots, a large cocked hat with a black cockade and a scarlet feather.

What is the history of West Point?

Graduation Parade, West Point, New York, c1940s. West Point is a United States federal military reservation which was established by Thomas Jefferson… Over six hundred soldiers sit in the Field House of the US Military Academy, West Point, New York, awaiting the words that will pronounce them…

What are the words on the West Point crest?

The crest consists of the USMA emblem, the years 1802 and 2002, and the words “ West Point ” and “Bicentennial.” A sword, a universal symbol of war, and the helmet of Pallas Athena, signifying wisdom and learning, constitute the emblem.

What are some famous people that went to West Point?

A favorite expression at West Point is that “much-of the history we teach was made by people we taught.” Great leaders such as Grant and Lee, Pershing and MacArthur, Eisenhower and Patton, Westmoreland and Schwarzkopf are among the more than 60,000 graduates of the military academy .