What are the real colors of the Puerto Rican flag?

What are the real colors of the Puerto Rican flag?

The Flag of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico is rectangular in shape and consists of five alternating horizontal stripes, three red and two white, with an isosceles triangle with a five-pointed white star in the center based on the hoist side.

Does Puerto Rico have 2 flags?

The most commonly used flags of Puerto Rico are the current flag, which represents the people of the commonwealth of Puerto Rico; municipal flags, which represent the 78 municipalities of the archipelago; political flags, which represent the different political beliefs of the people; and sports flags, which identify …

What does the blue on the Puerto Rican flag represent?

Meaning Of The Flag On the left of the flag is a single white five-pointed star resting in a blue triangle. The three red stripes symbolizes the blood from the brave warriors, the two white stripes victory and peace after obtaining independence, blue symbolizes the sky and sea and the white star is the island.

What does it mean when the Puerto Rican flag is black?

Since at least 2016 an all-black rendition of the flag of Puerto Rico has been a symbol of Puerto Rican independence, resistance, and civil disobedience. A door at 55 Calle San José, painted with a mural depicting the traditional red, white, and blue Puerto Rican flag, had become a familiar image of Old San Juan.

Why does the Puerto Rican flag have 5 Stripes?

The Puerto Rican flag consists of 5 alternate red and white stripes. The white star stands for the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico while the three sides of the equilateral triangle together represent the three branches of the Republican government (executive, legislative and judicial branches).

Why are Puerto Ricans obsessed with their flag?

Puerto Ricans are obsessed with the Puerto Rican flag. Perhaps this fascination traces back to the flag’s origins as a symbol for independence from Spanish, then American, colonial rule. As such, the Puerto Rican flag was banned for the first 80 or so years of its existence.

What does a black and white American flag mean?

While, a complete black and white flag of the American flag is viewed as a symbol of protest, and to express the rebellion. The black flag can be often found to be used in protests, which may be political, or non-political, but is used as a symbol of protest and rebel against supremacy.

Why does the Puerto Rican flag look like the Cuban flag?

Puerto Rico’s Flag History “The flag was created in 1895, by the Puerto Rican section of the Cuban Revolutionary Party, which advocated independence for Puerto Rico and Cuba from Spanish rule.” (…) “Its design is the same as the Cuban flag, but with the colors inverted.

What is the original Puerto Rican flag?

Puerto Rican Flag (1892) The flag of Puerto Rico was designed in 1895 to promote the ideal of Puerto Rican independence from Spain. It consists of five alternate red and white horizontal stripes with a single white five-pointed star resting in a blue triangle.

What was the original Puerto Rican flag?

What do the colors on the Puerto Rico flag represent?

Puerto Rico Flags. Each color has a meaning. The three horizontal red stripes symbolize the blood shed by the brave warriors. The three-sided triangle pointing inwards on the hoist side of the flag represents the three arms of the government, while the blue color represents the color of the ocean and the skies of Puerto Rico.

What does the Puerto Rican flag represent?

Puerto Rican Flag. The flag is similar to the flag of Cuba, as both were designed at the same time. The red stripes are symbolic of the “blood” that nourishes the three branches of its government; Legislative, Executive and Judiciary. The white stripes represent individual liberty and the rights that keep the government in balance.

What is a black and white Puerto Rican flag?

The Puerto Rican Nationalist Party flag has a white Calatrava Cross, also known as the Cross potent on the middle of a black background. The Cross of Calatrava was first used by the Crusaders of Calatrava and later by the French revolutionists.

What is the history of the Puerto Rican flag?

History of the Puerto Rican Flag. The Puerto Rican flag was first designed in 1892 by the members of the Puerto Rican Revolutionary Committee . After the United States annexed the territory of Puerto Rico, the national flag’s use was banned from 1898 to 1952.