What can you do with Wikki Stix?

What can you do with Wikki Stix?

For fun and easy kid crafting, Wikki Stix can be used on flower pots, vases, paper lunch sacks (painted or plain), as well as wooden boxes and rocks (be sure to dust and wipe clean).

How do you play Wikki Sticks?

12 Fun Ways to Play With Wikki Stix

  1. 1 || Making mazes. Stick Wikki Stix down onto any surface to create roads or mazes!
  2. 2 || Raised writing lines.
  3. 3 || Work on coloring in the lines.
  4. 4 || Play dough mats.
  5. 5 || Tactile numbers and letters.
  6. 6 || 3D drawing game.
  7. 7 || Dot to dots.
  8. 8 || Tic tac toe.

How can Wikki Stix be used to empower students?

Wikki Stix help with find motor issues, serving as a medium for hand and finger strengthening pincer grip, and can be used as a precursor to pointing and for pressing down. They can also help improve grasp and stability by wrapping ½ of a Wikki around the base of a pencil; also a good reminder to hold it “down low”.

What age are Wikki Stix for?

Wikki Stix conform to all US Consumer Safety Standards including ASTM D-4236, CA-Prop 65 and F-963, as well as the European Standard BS5665/EN71. They appeal equally to boys and girls and span a wide range of ages (from 3 to 103!) They are perfect for quiet, independent play or interaction with others.

Who invented Wikki Stix?

In 1989, a bit of serendipity introduced a funny little waxed yarn item, then called Sticky Wikki, to Kem Clark, a marketing consultant in Phoenix. Clark was immediately intrigued by the product, invented by a company in Chicago, and spent a considerable amount of time discussing its potential with the inventor.

Are Wikki Sticks Pipe cleaners?

The core of the Wikki Stix is acrylic synthetic yarn (unlike pipe cleaners there is no metal core in a Wikki Stix making it much safer).

Do Wikki Stix stick to paper?

Made with a combination of yarn and nontoxic wax, these sticks can be bent into a variety of shapes to create fun, unique art projects. Many of them have a stickiness to them, which means you can attach them to paper or other wax sticks to create 3-D projects.

How do you clean Wikki Sticks?

First, DON’T reach for the Windex or any similar product! Simply use a DRY paper towel and rub. It may take a moment of elbow grease, but it will come right off.