What causes a bald head?

What causes a bald head?

One cause of male pattern baldness is genetics, or having a family history of baldness. Research has found that male pattern baldness is associated with male sex hormones called androgens. The androgens have many functions, including regulating hair growth. Each hair on your head has a growth cycle.

Why do bald men have shiny heads?

There are two different factors that go into determining whether a man has a shiny head. One is the smoothness of his scalp. Those who are naturally bald tend to achieve the shiny look much easier than those who shave their heads. This is because those who shave often have a limited amount of stubble left behind.

Do all bald men have a lot of body hair?

Not all men who have bald heads will have lots of body hair, and not all men who have lots of hair on their heads will have smooth bodies. There are a lot of genetic factors that come into play with hormone levels to create a wide range of body/head hair combinations.

Why do bald guys grow beards?

In fact, they believe that the reason men go bald is to compensate for the heat they retain by growing a beard. In support of this idea, their study from 1988 found that the area of skin covered by men’s beard hair correlates with the area of skin with sweat glands on the forehead and calvaria (the top of the head).