What compression is HIC?

What compression is HIC?

Hidden Internal Compression
Hidden Internal Compression (HIC) is often used with bars that have a large inner diameter (ca. 32 mm).

What does HIC compression look like?

HIC compression is made for oversized bars that have a slit. The compression system functions using a shim (marked in yellow in the picture) with an outside diameter of 32 mm is put down over the fork’s steerer tube and is compromised on the headset with a compression bolt. HIC compression is relatively inexpensive.

What is the difference between IHC and HIC compression?

IHC or Internal Hidden Compression was developed by Envy/Blunt Scooter brand focusing on a lighter version of the HIC system. IHC forks have a thinner shaft compared to its HIC comparison with a IHC shim sleeve that adds extra diameter for the instalment of standard sized bars and aluminium bars (28.6mm).

What is mini HIC?

Mini HIC Compression: Mini HIC is exactly the same as IHC with just slight differences in diameter. The shim slides over the smaller diameter fork steer tube bringing it to the standard size. Using a topcap and bolt which allows you to tighten the shim onto the headset.

Are HIC and SCS the same?

Scooter Compression is basically the way in which mechanicaly your bars, forks and deck are all attached together on your pro scooter. The three most popular types of pro scooter compression systems are: HIC (Hidden Internal Compression) SCS (Standard Compression System)

Is SCS and HIC the same?

HIC (Hidden Internal Compression) SCS (Standard Compression System)

Will HIC bars work with IHC?

You can’t run HIC with standard diameter bars. They are the same diameter (or close), so one won’t fit inside the other. However, IHC is a lot like HIC for standard diameter bars. You’ll need a tapered IHC fork to do this.

How tight should my scooter compression be?

Tighten it to the point where it goes around about one spin when you spin the front wheel with your hand. You want your compression to be super tight if you want a dialed scooter.

What bars are compatible with HIC?

HIC Compression is compatible with any HIC/SCS fork. You can also use an ICS fork with a little modifying by cutting off the forks ICS topcap and installing the starnut, but as you know, starnuts are not the strongest. HIC Compression is only compatible with steel oversized diameter bars. No aluminum bars will work.