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What country is most advanced in technology?

What country is most advanced in technology?

In the index’s eighth edition for 2020, Germany was named the most technologically advanced nation, followed by South Korea and Singapore. Germany is most known for its engineering, home to Volkswagen, Siemens, and more.

Which is the No 1 country in technology?

Large country ranking

Rank Country Innovation performance
1 South Korea 1.92
2 Japan 2.55
3 USA 1.99
4 China 1.81

Why is Japan so technologically advanced?

From provision of vending machines containing clothes and shoes, to E-TAF automatic doors that open shifting accordingly to your body shape; the Japanese incorporate technology into their everyday lives. The source of Japan’s technological advancement is undoubtedly from the youth of Japan.

Is China technologically advanced?

Science and technology in China have developed rapidly during the 1990s to 2010s. China has made rapid advances in areas such as education, infrastructure, high-tech manufacturing, academic publishing, patents, and commercial applications and is now in some areas and by some measures a world leader.

Is Japan technologically advanced?

Japan is an incredibly technologically advanced nation. Visiting their fair isles is like taking a time machine to the future. The Japanese have embraced technology like no other nation on the planet.

Is Shanghai technologically advanced?

Shanghai leads Chinese cities as a more global technology city, thanks to an international business environment and better of quality of life for residents.

What is the technology of India?

IT, biotechnology, aerospace, nuclear science, manufacturing technology, automobile engineering, chemical engineering, ship building, space science, electronics, computer science and other medical science related research and development are occurring on a large scale in the country.

Is China advanced in technology?

Where does India rank in technology?


List INDIA Ranking/Total Countries Notes
IT industry competitiveness index 18 / 66 2016
ICT Development Index 134 / 176 2017
Global Innovation Index 48 / 129 2020

Is Shanghai bigger than Tokyo?

Shanghai (China) is 2.89 times as big as Tokyo (Japan)

Is Shanghai more expensive than Seoul?

Both places are very expensive to live in, but Shanghai is slightly more unaffordable for the locals I think. You will definitely find more Koreans working in Shanghai then Chinese working in Seoul.