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What do Mormon brides wear?

What do Mormon brides wear?

“L.D.S. brides may wear their wedding dresses through the temple where the sacred ceremony of marriage takes place if these dresses meet the accepted standards: white, high-neck, long sleeved, modest in design and fabric and free of elaborate ornamentation,” said Irene Caso, a Mormon Church spokeswoman.

What do mormon brides wear in the temple?

Brides should wear dresses that are modest, with a high neckline and long skirt. Temple workers will ask a bride to wear a dickey, or fabric insert, if her dress shows the shoulder or collarbone.

What should a bride wear to a backyard wedding?

Some popular outfit choices for a backyard wedding are short dresses, casual slip dresses, bridal suits, jumpsuits, and dresses crafted from fabrics like cotton and linen.

Is it appropriate to wear jeans to an outdoor wedding?

And while a backyard wedding may be an opportunity to go with more relaxed ‘fits—don’t take it too far. No matter how casual the backyard wedding may be, it’s still best to skip the t-shirt and jeans to be sure you’re suitably dressed for the occasion.

What to wear to a wedding if the groom is wearing jeans?

Casual could mean a collared shirt and slacks, it could be a sport coat or maybe even jeans. Now if the groom says he’s wearing jeans, ask what else he’s wearing. Jeans and a sport coat is dressier than jeans and a t-shirt. If the groom is in fact wearing jeans and a tee, go for it and wear the same.