What does 80286 mean?

What does 80286 mean?

80286 operates in two modes: In real address mode, this microprocessor acts as a version of 8086 which is quite faster. Also without any special modification, the instruction programmed for 8086 can be executed in 80286. It offers memory addressability of 1 MB of physical memory.

What are the features of 80286 microprocessor?

Comparison of 80286 among some other microprocessors of Intel family Microprocessor Data bus width Address bus width Memory size 8086 16 20 1M 80186 16 20 1M 80286 16 24 16M 80386 DX 32 32 4G 80486 32 32 4G Pentium 4 & core 2 64 40 1T 7. Feature 1: Operating Modes Intel 80286 has 2 operating modes. 1. Real address mode.

How many transistors does the 80286 have?

The Intel 80286, introduced on 1 February 1982, is a 16-bit x86 microprocessor with 134,000 transistors. Like its contemporary simpler cousin, the 80186, it can correctly execute most software written for the earlier Intel 8086 and 8088 .

What is the use of 80286 protected mode flag?

Protection Enable flag places the 80286 in protected mode, if set. This can only be cleared by resetting the CPU. If the Monitor Processor Extension flag is set, allows WAIT instruction to generate a processor extension not present exception. Processor Extension Emulator flag if set, causes a processor extension absent exception and permits