Common questions

What does BiZZdesign do?

What does BiZZdesign do?

BiZZdesign is the trusted global SaaS Enterprise Architecture platform and recognized as a leader by major analyst firms that helps the world’s leading public and private organizations guarantee the success of investment prioritization, transformation initiatives, and risk management.

What is BiZZdesign tool?

BiZZdesign Enterprise Studio, formerly BiZZdesign Architect, is a visual modeling and design tool for Enterprise Architecture, that supports the application of ArchiMate and TOGAF, as well other enterprise architecture frameworks. It also supports automatic data collection, and can import data from office applications.

What is Bizzdesign horizon?

HoriZZon is the web portal that can be used to share real-time content from Enterprise Studio with a wide range of users. HoriZZon is also the place for registering and managing the users and user groups that need access to HoriZZon.

What is the difference between ArchiMate and TOGAF?

ArchiMate is a multi-purpose modeling language, whereas TOGAF is an Architecture Development Framework. TOGAF provides a Single Holistic meta-model with relationships, while ArchiMate provides a High-Level generic meta-model, as well as detailed per domain or layer meta-models.

What is TOGAF ADM?

The TOGAF ADM describes the process of moving from the TOGAF Foundation Architecture to an organization-specific architecture (or set of architectures), leveraging the elements of the TOGAF Foundation Architecture and other relevant architectural components and building blocks along the way.

Is Togaf still relevant?

While there are detractors that say that TOGAF is nice in theory but rare in practical implementation, the fact remains that there are over 77,000 TOGAF-certified Enterprise Architects in the world today. TOGAF remains a significant presence in the Enterprise Architecture landscape.

Is TOGAF worth in 2021?

Yes , TOGAF certification is worth it but only for professionals who have experience in IT Architecture. Besides of its cons, it is still the most accepted framework for IT Architecture and has a huge demand. Yes, TOGAF is the most widely known Enterprise Architecture framework.

What are alternatives to TOGAF?

Looking for a TOGAF Alternative? Meet HOBA. HOBA® makes it easy to get your whole team on board and mobilise your digital business transformation, quickly and easily. So you’re looking for an alternative to TOGAF®, you’ve come to the right place.