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What does flap gate mean?

What does flap gate mean?

Flap-gate meaning A device that allows water to flow in one direction only through a culvert; it is used especially to drain surface water from coastal marshes at low tide.

What is drainage flap gate?

Flap Gates. A small differential pressure on the back of the gate causes it to open automatically to allow discharge through levees, sewer lines or drainage conduits. When water on the face side of the gate rises above water on the back side, the gate closes automatically to prevent backflow. Flap gates are equipped with flat-back seats…

What is a flap gate?

A flap gate is a flow control device that, in principle, functions as a check valve, allowing water to flow through it in only one direction. The flap gate usually consists of a flat plate that is hinged at the top of a culvert outfall.