What does Karibou mean?

What does Karibou mean?

‘ Karibu ‘ is a Swahili word meaning , welcome !

How do you respond to Asante Sana in Swahili?

So when someone says Asante to you, you can simply reply with: Karibu or Kamwe.

How do you say thank you in Ewe?

A collection of useful phrases in Ewe, a Niger-Congo language spoken in Ghana, Togo and Benin….Useful Ewe phrases.

English Eʋegbe (Ewe)
Sorry Baba Babanawo
Please Meɖekuku
Thank you Akpe
Reply to thank you Woezo Mia woezo Akpe melio Mesu akpe o

What does Tembo mean?

The name Tembo, which is Swahili for elephant, holds very special meaning for us. Elephants are a keystone species that have a disproportionate impact on their environment, but today face grave threats.

What does Asante Sana?

Sana – (Very) used as in Asante-sana– Thank you VERY much.

What language is the word Asante?

Ashanti, Asante, or Asante Twi, is one of three literary dialects of the Akan language of southern Ghana, and the prestige dialect of that language. It is spoken in and around Kumasi, the capital of the former Ashanti Empire and current subnational Asante Kingdom within Ghana.

What is hakuna matata reply?

No problem or conflict
Hakuna Matata and other Swahili phrases ‘ A response could be, ‘No problem or conflict – Hakuna Matata. ‘

How do you respond to SAwa in Swahili?

sawa (SAwa) – okay….

  1. Hujambo (how are you? – to one person) – Sijambo (I am fine).
  2. Hamjambo (how are you? – to two or more people) – Hatujambo (We are fine).
  3. Habari? (literal translation is: news?)
  4. U hali gani (how are you – to one person) – nzuri (fine).
  5. Mhali gani (how are you – to two or more people) – nzuri (fine).

How do you say thank you in Togo?

One of the first Kabiyé words that I learned, and without a doubt the most useful, was la’balle – thank you.

What language do ewes speak?

Ewe (Eʋe or Eʋegbe [ɛβɛɡ͡bɛ]) is a language spoken in Togo and southeastern Ghana by approximately 6.61 million people as a first language and a million or so more as a second language. Ewe is part of a cluster of related languages commonly called Gbe; the other major Gbe language is Fon of Benin….Ewe language.

ELP Kpessi

What language is Tembo?

Tembo is a Bantu language of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

What are some Swahili words to learn?

Swahili is a relatively simple language to learn, mostly because words are pronounced as they are written. If you wish to learn the basic words and phrases, you should check out these beautiful Swahili words and meanings. 1. Hujambo – How are you? Beautiful Swahili words.

How do you say thank you in Swahili?

Asante – ‘Thank you’ It is always worth knowing the word for ‘thank you’ when travelling somewhere new. In Swahili, ‘asante’ is the word to know. As with ‘I love you’, adding ‘sana’ will mean you say ‘thank you so much’.

What does wapendeza mean in Swahili?

‘Wapendeza’ is Swahili for ‘you look lovely or beautiful’. Of all Swahili words that mean beautiful, ‘wapendeza’ is the most appealing as well as respectable of them all. When it comes to Swahili words, ‘beautiful’ has a few more terms. Other Swahili words for beautiful include ‘mrembo,’ and ‘nzuri.’.

How do you Say Sorry in Swahili?

‘Samahani’ is Swahili for ‘sorry’. Other beautiful words for sorry in Swahili include ‘pole’ and ‘niwie radhi.’ If the offense is severe, you can say “Samahani” then follow it up with “Niwie radhi” to emphasize your remorse. 7. Polepole – Slowly Beautiful Swahili words. Photo: @Famlii