What happened to hailo?

What happened to hailo?

In late 2016 Hailo was absorbed by myTaxi, a German e-hailing company belonging to Daimler Financial Services, to form the largest e-hailing operator. By July 1, 2019 mytaxi was rebranded to Free Now serving over 100 European cities including Barcelona, Berlin, Dublin, Paris and London.

What happened Hailo app?

Hailo London taxi app Hailo has agreed to a merger with MyTaxi, the ridesharing company Daimler bought two years ago. The deal will see Hailo as a brand come to an end. Its app and services will be rebranded to MyTaxi by mid-2017, Hailo says.

What is hailo called now?

The taxi app formerly known as Hailo, currently called Mytaxi, is to rebrand to ‘FREE NOW’ later this year. THE TAXI APP Mytaxi is to change its name to ‘FREE NOW’ later this year. The company emailed its customers today, informing them of the change.

How does hailo taxi work?

Hailo uses a pay-as-you- go model that charges significantly lower than traditional cab dispatch services. Hailo provides tools to drivers that help them communicate through a private social network. Hailo’s free driver app includes a location-based social network for taxi drivers.

How much did hailo sell for?

Hailo sells 60pc to Daimler, will merge and rebrand to become MyTaxi.

Why is my taxi called free now?

Ireland’s biggest taxi app, mytaxi, is rebranding as Free Now from today. Once known as Hailo, then mytaxi, the rebrand to Free Now across 100 European cities is the result of a change of ownership. The company is now owned by Daimler and BMW.

How do I use the FREE Now app?


  1. Switch to the 2-wheels / carsharing tab.
  2. Find an eScooter, eMoped, eBike, car nearby.
  3. Unlock the vehicle by scanning the QR code or by selecting it directly on the map.
  4. Go to your destination and pay easily through the app.

How much did Hailo sell for?

What was Free Now called previously?

FREE NOW is one of the largest vehicle for hire companies in Europe. The service was founded in 2009 and previously known as Hailo and myTaxi. On 1 July 2019, myTaxi was rebranded to FREE NOW serving over 100 European cities including Madrid, Berlin, Dublin, Paris, Milan and London.

What is the best black cab app?

Gett, the app which allows passengers to book black cabs and private hire cars, says it is seeing 40% more rides each day for the traditional hail-and-ride cabs compared with the first quarter of 2020.

Who owns FREE NOW taxi?

Free Now (service)

Industry Vehicle for hire
Services Mobility as a service
Owner BMW Group and Daimler AG
Number of employees Over 700 (2019)

Are taxis expensive in Ireland?

Yes, compared to many other cities within Europe, taxis could be quite expensive. Traveling a distance of 10km could cost you anywhere between 16–20 euros depending on the traffic conditions and assuming that you are traveling alone.

How many Hailo drivers are there in Ireland?

MyTaxi driver Robert Walsh in Dublin, one of 10,000 drivers using the app in Ireland. Hailo is to officially become MyTaxi and roll out a number of new services for users this week, in a move that will see customers in Ireland able to use its app to hail cabs in more than 50 cities across nine countries.

What happened to Hailo and mytaxi?

Mytaxi and Hailo are now set to merge, with Hailo rebranding as Mytaxi. Hailo chief executive Andrew Pinnington will lead the newly formed company. The firm will be headquartered in Hamburg, Germany. Financial terms of the deal, which will create Europe’s biggest smartphone-based cab-hailing business were not disclosed.

Is Hailo owned by Daimler?

TAXI APP HAILO is set to rebranded and merged with Mytaxi, a taxi app owned by German car giant Daimler. Under the deal Daimler, which owns several major car brands including Mercedes-Benz, will take 60% stake in Hailo.