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What happened to Jim at the end of Treasure Island?

What happened to Jim at the end of Treasure Island?

Jim is wounded but kills Israel. Jim returns to the stockade but finds it occupied by the pirates. Silver takes Jim hostage, telling the boy that the captain has given the pirates the treasure map, provisions, and the use of the stockade in exchange for their lives.

What does Jim overhear in the Apple Barrel?

Summary: Chapter XI Hiding in the apple barrel, Jim overhears Long John Silver telling several other crewmembers about some of his adventures with old Flint. Jim learns that most of old Flint’s former crewmembers are on board the ship now, posing as ordinary crew but plotting to take the treasure for themselves.

Is Jim Hawkins a girl?

Jim Hawkins (character)

Jim Hawkins
Species Human
Gender Male
Occupation Cabin boy, son of an innkeeper
Nationality English

Where is Jim hiding when he hears the plan of mutiny?

And Smollett trusts Silver to gain control over his men — as no doubt he would do, except that some of the men in the shore party have not yet assented to join the mutiny and, while Silver is trying to persuade one of them, another of the pirates kills a second man.

What does Jim’s father do for a living?

Treasure Island Question What did Jim’s father do for a living? He was an innkeeper. He was a farmer.

Why did Jim leave the stockade?

Jim, cleaning the hot, bloody blockhouse, becomes disgusted and restless. Knowing he would never be given permission to go, he arms himself with two pistols and ammunition and leaves the stockade without asking.

What did Silver mean by gentleman of fortune?

Jim is appalled that Silver is flattering the boy in exactly the same way Silver had spoken to and flattered himself. Jim has realized that “gentleman of fortune” means simply a pirate, and that he’s witnessing perhaps the last honest crewman aboard being corrupted by Silver’s flattery.

What is a gentleman of fortune in Treasure Island?

By a “gentleman of fortune” they plainly meant neither more nor less than a common pirate, and the little scene that I had overheard was the last act in the corruption of one of the honest hands—perhaps of the last one left aboard.

Who is Jim’s dad Treasure Planet?

Jim on his Solar Surfer. As a little boy, he admired stories of the legendary space pirate, Captain Nathaniel Flint. But then his father, Leland, abandoned Jim and his mother when he felt he couldn’t handle the responsibility of being a husband and father.

Who is Jim paid to look out for?

The old sailor throws down a few gold coins and moves in, staying at the inn for far longer than his payment covers. He hires Jim to stay on the lookout for a one-legged sailor whom he apparently fears. He terrorizes the others in the inn with his coarse sailor’s songs and heavy drinking.

Which captain originally buried the treasure on Treasure Island?

Captain Flint
Suddenly soldiers arrive and the pirates escape, except for Blind Pew who is accidentally trampled to death by the soldiers’ horses. Jim takes the map to Squire Trelawney and Doctor Livesey who realise that it shows where Captain Flint, an evil and heartless pirate, has buried his stolen treasure.

How old is Jim Hawkins in Treasure Planet?

James Pleiades Hawkins is the main protagonist of Treasure Planet, its canceled sequel, and Treasure Planet: Battle of Procyon . Jim Hawkins is an adventurous young man at 15 years old. He is the stereotypical ‘bad boy’ at the beginning of the film, consistently getting into trouble with the law and acting out against his mother.

What ever happened to Jim from Treasure Planet?

12 years later, Jim still believes in the stories of Treasure Planet but has become quite a troublemaker, rebel, and hoodlum (in the eyes of other people) with a hobby for ‘solar-surfing,’ a combination of sky-surfing and wind-surfing on a rocket powered board with a solar sail.

What is the movie Treasure Planet about?

Followed by. Treasure Planet is the 43rd full-length animated feature film in the Disney Animated Canon. Based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island, it follows the story of young Jim Hawkins who dreams of life filled with adventure on other legendary planets.

What is the name of the boy in Treasure Planet?

James Pleiades Hawkins ( Jim for short), is the main protagonist of Disney’s 43rd full-length animated feature film, Treasure Planet . He was voiced by Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a teenager (who also portrayed John Blake) and Austin Majors as a little boy. In the Japanese dub from the movie, he was voiced by Haruhiko Kato.