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What happened to Kyle by Alene Too?

What happened to Kyle by Alene Too?

Kyle Richards officially closed her first namesake store. The “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star recently shut the doors to Kyle By Alene Too in Beverly Hills, California. “The new venture will also be offering options for men and will no longer be affiliated with Alene Too.”

Why is Kyle’s store called Kyle by Alene Too?

“People always ask me about the name of my store,” The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fashionista told The Daily Dish. “I did a book signing at a store in Boca called Alene Too and I fell in love with the store. So we combined the names.”

Is Kyle Rochards store still open?

The reality television star actually closed down her West Coast store Kyle by Alene Too in 2018. The news of doors closing to the high-end boutique came not too long after closing her stores in the Hamptons and New York City. The resort-style spring collection made its debut in 2019 at Fashion Week in New York City.

Did Kyle Richards store close?

Richards is the owner of Kyle by Alene Too, a chain of boutiques in The Hamptons and New York City. Her boutique in Beverly Hills opened in 2012 and closed in 2018 with plans to re-open the store in a new location.

Is Kyle Richards still married?

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky reveal what makes their marriage work in honor of their new The Knot magazine 25th anniversary cover. Stronger than ever. Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky celebrated a very important milestone this past year: their 25th wedding anniversary.

Why did Kyle Richards close her store?

Following the Beverly Hills location’s success, Richards also launched stores in New York City, Southampton, Manhasset, and Boca Raton (via Daily Mail). But Richards’ flagship Kyle by Alene Too boutique eventually closed down to make room for another business venture.

Who is Kyle’s ex husband?

Guraish Aldjufrie1988 – 1992
Kyle Richards/Ex-spouses

Who is richer Kathy Hilton or Kyle Richards?

Kathy has a net worth of (*holds breath*) $350 million in 2021. She is officially the richest Beverly Hills housewife of all time. Her half-sister Kyle Richards is worth a huge $60 million, but that is still very far off from the worth Kathy holds in her bank.

Was Kyle Richards family wealthy?

With a combined wealth estimation, Richards is worth a whopping $100 million. However, Celebrity Net Worth reports that Richard’s sister is worth a lot more with a net worth of $350 million which is primarily thanks to her tycoon husband, Ricky Hilton of the Hilton hotels.