What happened to Naniwa?

What happened to Naniwa?

Johan ” NaNiwa ” Lucchesi (born March 14, 1990) is a Swedish Protoss player. He was inactive in StarCraft II for several months after IEM Season VIII – World Championship in March 2014, but in 2015, he returned, and qualified for 2015 WCS Season 1.

Is Naniwa a one-base player?

In the months prior to the TSL3 Qualifier, NaNiwa was known as a strong one-base player and dangerous cheeser, but NaNiwa changed his style and proved he was able to play a straight-up game during his TL Open #9 run. NaNiwa sees his strength as “just being able to read my opponents and acting on what I see.

Did Naniwa play Heroes of the storm?

During this period of inactivity, he played Heroes of the Storm for Fnatic in an exhibition tournament at BlizzCon. A former Warcraft III player, NaNiwa switched to StarCraft II during the beta and made a name for himself in weekly online cups.

How did Naniwa qualify for go4sc2 April finals?

NaNiwa also qualified for the Go4SC2 April finals by winning two straight Go4SC2 Wednesday Cups, also being to first player to achieve that. On May 21, 2010, NaNiwa parted with his original SC2 clan, mTw, to join Serious Gaming.

Why is Naniwa not playing ESL anymore?

According to the official statement, NaNiwa was missing professionalism as he showed up late to the ESL TV Matches and did not upload replays among other things. Due to EPS 17 rulebook, NaNiwa was no longer allowed to compete in the ESL Pro Series season 17 and all of his matches would be nullified.

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